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(p)$ HOWARD, Captain, D. B. RFA, 22 October 1917. XIII D 6


WOLSEY, Philip, Company Quartermaster Sergeant, 270045, serving in The Buffs, 10th (Royal East Kent and West Kent Yeomanry Battalion) died 8 November 1918, aged 29. He was a bank clerk and, born at South Shields, the son of William Edward Wolsey, at one time a collector of customs in Dover, and his wife, Margaret Ethel, from 19 Limes Road, Folkestone. In 1911 he was visiting the Turnpenny family at 5 London Road, Dover. His parents were then at 4 Clarendon Villas, Dovercourt, and at home, of the eight surviving children of the marriage, were his sisters Adelaide, 24, and Mary, 13. His sister Margaret is noted in the Dover Express of 14 January 1916 as mentioned in the dispatch of Sir John French as a nurse at no 15 Casualty Clearing Station, near the fighting line. She was trained at the London Hospital. Her sister Adelaide probably also nursed as on 25 August 1914 a donation was made to the "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" poppy tribute at the Tower of London in memory of "Philip Wolsey, the family, and Madge and Addie, the nurses". Grave V B 1.


(p)$CORK, Corporal, VICTOR, G/27665, 2nd Bn, Middlesex Regiment. 28 November 1917. Age 20. Son of Walter and Clara Cork of 3 Malmains Rd, Maxton, Dover. LVIII B 26


(p)$BARBER, Private, GEORGE JONATHAN, 32552, 8th Bn, East Surrey Regiment. formerly, 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) 12 October 1917. Age 29. Son of Ellis and Caroline Barber of Buckland Farm, Dover. Panel 79 to 80 and 163A

(p)BECK, Private, FREDERICK, 11192, 7th Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment. 4 October 1917. Age 33. Son of Sarah Beck, of Dover Place, Bordesley Green, Birmingham; husband of Martha Beck of 4/91 Cecil St, Birmingham. Panel 90 to 92 and 162 to 162A

(p)BEST, Private, WILLIAM DAVID, 290705, 9th Bn, Devonshire Regiment. 7 October 1917. Age 41. Son of the late David and Eliza Best. Husband of Lillie Ann Muir Ross Best of 10 Dover Place, Walcot, Bath. Panel 38 to 40

(p)BRISLEY, Private, PERCY JOHN, 67220, Royal Fusiliers. posted to 2nd/2nd Bn, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 26 October 1917. Age 19. Son of David and Margaret Ann Brisley of Mill House, Swingfield, Dover. Panel 28 to 30 and 162 to 162A and 163A

$BROWN, Private, ROBERT, Middlesex Regiment, 9 October 1917. Panel 113 to 115

(p)$CLARK, Private, JOHN JACK, 28828, 11th Bn, Border Regiment. 25 November 1917. Age 20. Son of Frederick and Rachel Clark of 4 Russell Place, Dover. Panel 85 to 86

(p)CLARK, Second Lieutenant, PERCY JOHN, 23136, Mentioned in Despatches, No. 5 Coy, New Zealand Machine Gun Corps. KIA 11 October 1917. Age 23. Son of Edward Halcomb Clark and Caroline Louisa Clark of 8 Phillip St, Linwood, Christchurch. Native of Whitfield, Dover, England. Also served in Egypt. New Zealand  Apse and Panel 9

(p)$CORK, Private, ALFRED GEORGE, 42616, 10th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment. 17 April 1918. Age 19. Son of Elizabeth Cork of 14 George St, Buckland, Dover. Panel 35 to 37 and 162 to 162A

$(p)COUZENS, Private, REGINALD HAROLD, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 4 October 1917. Panel 23 to 28 and 163A

(p)$FILES, Private, ALFRED WILLIAM GEORGE, 46419, 4th Coy, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 10 October 1917. Age 25. Son of Annie Elizabeth Kirk of 123 Heathfield Avenue, Dover. Panel 154 to 159 and 163A

$FISHER, Private, ROBERT HENRY, 4 October 1917, Queen's Own, (Royal West Kent) Panel 106 to 108

(p)$FISHWICK, Private, MAURACE RANDALL, Devonshire Regiment, 26 October 1917Panel 38 to 40

(P)$FLEMING, Private, PERCY ALEC, Essex Regiment, 28 May 1918. Panel 98 to 99

(p)FORD, Rifleman, GEORGE EDWARD, R/33827, 17th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps. 18 April 1918. Age 30. Son of the late Henry and Mary Ann Ford, of Dover; husband of Alice Elizabeth Ford of 1 Standard Rd, Belvedere, Kent. Born at Hounslow. Educated at Cambridge School, Twickenham. Panel 115 to 119 and 162A and 163A

$FRANKS, 2nd Lieutenant, ROLLOND SUTTON, East Surrey Regiment, 12 October 1917. Panel 79 to 80 and 163A

(p)$FRIEND, Private, WILLIAM ROBERT, G/235, "C" Coy. 1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 2 August 1918. Age 21. Son of James and Sarah Ann Friend of 4 Maxton Hill Cottages, Folkestone Rd, Dover. Panel 17

(p) $FULLER, Band Serjeant, WILLIAM EDWARD, 7809, M M, Mentioned in Despatches, 2nd Bn, Gordon Highlanders. 4 October 1917. Age 31. Son of the late John and Susanah Fuller, husband of Jane Flora Fuller of Crabble Farm House, Crabble, Dover. Panel 135 to 136

(p)$GOLDFINCH, Private, EDWARD THOMAS, 27376, 4th Bn, Grenadier Guards. 13 October 1917. Age 28. Son of Thomas Edward and Elizabeth Hammond Goldfinch of 11 Kearsney Avenue, River, Dover. Panel 9

$GRAVES, 2nd Lieutenant, FRANCIS GEORGE, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 20 September 1917. Panel 99 to 102 and 162 to 162A

(p)HATELY, Private, FRED, 200468, 9th Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). 22 October 1917. Age 20. Son of David Frederick Hately (late S/Serjt. R.E.'S) and Emily Hately of 40 Castle St, Dover. Panel 68 to 70 and 162 and 162A

(p)HILLS, Serjeant, HENRY JAMES, 41670, 1st Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment. 26 October 1917. Age 22. Son of James Hills of Jubilee Cottage, Eythorne, Dover; husband of Edith Ellen Hills of Ockley House, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent. Panel 90 to 92 and 162 to 162A

(p)HOLDAWAY, Lance Serjeant, FRANK WALTER, 32708, 8th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment. 1 October 1917. Age 23. Son of Martha E. Holdaway of 5 Worthington St, Dover. Panel 125 to 128

(p)$JONES, Private, HENRY WILLIAM, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 26 October 1917. Panel 148 to 150

(p)$LAWS, Rifleman, ARTHUR F., 88485, 2nd/6th Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 30 October 1917. Age 38. Husband of Alice Laws of 2 Conrade Villas, Underdown Rd, Dover. Panel 31 to 34 and 162 and 162A and 163A

(p)$MARSH, Private, ERNEST AMBROSE, 28863, 11th Bn, Border Regiment. 2 December 1917. Age 25. Son of Mrs Emily Jane Marsh of 4 South Rd, River, Dover. Panel 85 to 86

(p)$MATCHAM, Private, JOHN RAY, G/40886, 1st/8th Bn, Middlesex Regiment. 16 August 1917. Age 31. Son of John and Eliza Matcham; husband of Louise Edith Brown (formerly Matcham) of 9 Avenue Terrace, Barton Rd, Dover. Panel 113 to 115

(p)$MATTHEWS, Private, HARRY STANLEY, 260321, 1st/6th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. 4 October 1917. Age 18. Son of Mr and Mrs Matthews of 27 Albany Place, Dover. Panel 23 to 28 and 163A

(p)$MEDHURST, Rifleman, FRANK, S/16033, 12th Bn, Rifle Brigade. 20 September 1917. Age 30. Son of Mr W. Medhurst of 21 Ladywell Place, Dover. Panel 145 to 147

(p)$OLIVER, Private, CHARLES FREDERICK, 30147, 2nd/5th Bn, East Lancashire Regiment. 9 October 1917. Husband of Mrs E. S. Oliver of 32 Minerva Avenue, Dover. Panel 77 to 79 and 163A

(p)OLIVER, Second Lieutenant, EDWARD COLE, 1st/2nd Bn, Cheshire Regiment. 22 October 1917. Age 35. Son of Mr and Mrs Edward Oliver of Brookside, Kingsland, Shrewsbury; husband of Edith Ellen Oliver of 180 Clarendon St, Dover. Served in the South African Campaign. Panel 61 to 63

(p)$PHIPPS, Private, JAMES WILLIAM, 32108, 2nd Bn, South Lancashire Regiment. 21 August 1918. Age 35. Son of Mr and Mrs J. W. Phipps of 49 Military Rd, Dover. Panel 92 to 93 and 162A

(p)$SERGEANT, Trooper, FREDERICK WILLIAM BARTEN, 2145, Household Battalion. 11 October 1917. Age 31. Husband of Bertha Agnes Sergeant of 5 Salisbury Rd, Dover. Panel 3

SIMMONS, SYDNEY JAMES, 10 October 1917, Machine Gun Corps, Panel 154 to 159 and 163A

(p)TURNER, Trooper, WILLIAM ROBERT, 2623, Household Battalion. 12 October 1917. Age 22. Eldest son of Ebenezer Charles and Ellen Turner of 76 Glenfield Rd, Dover. Panel 3

$WORSTER, DONALD EDWARD, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 11 September 1917. Panel 17

from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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