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WWI - At Rest in France (A)

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BELLEW, Lance Corporal, LAWRENCE, 15894, 8th Bn, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) KIA 29 September 1916. Age 19. Son of Lawrence Bellew of 8/9 Cannon St, Dover. XV D 5

$RICHES, Private, J V, 9737, 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment. 16 September 1916. Age 25. Son of James Riches of 57 Crabble Hill, Dover. III A 29


JONES, Serjeant, WILLIAM ROBERT, 12432, 20th Bn, Royal Fusiliers. Died of wounds 8 July 1917. Age 26. Son of Robert W. and Jessie Jones of London; husband of Kate E. Jones of 16 Lascelles Rd, Maxton, Dover. III B 4

$OSBORNE, Private, A G, 42076, 7th Bn, Norfolk Regiment. Died of wounds 2 October 1918. Age 18. Son of Walter John and Ada Ozanne Osborne of 2 Denison Villa, Underdown Rd, Dover. IV G 9

$TUGWELL, Gunner, CHARLES, 160057, 1st/2nd Lancs Heavy Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery. 6 April 1918. Age 38. Eldest son of Charles Tugwell and the late Mrs Tugwell of Dover; husband of Elizabeth S. Tugwell of "The Fountain" London Rd, Dover. III F 30


$GRACE, Private, WILLIAM HENRY, Australian Infantry AIF, 13 April 1917. I B 21

POLLEY, Rifleman, E, 45375, 13th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps. KIA 23 August 1918. Age 18. Son of Joseph and Ellen Polley of 125 Dover House Rd, Roehampton, Surrey. I R 9

$WINKWORTH, Second Lieutenant, EDWIN JOHN, 219th Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of wounds 6 December 1917. Age 38. Son of the late George and Agnes Susan Winkworth of The Brooklands, Dartford, Kent; husband of Eleanor Winkworth of 31 Clarendon Rd., Dover. II C 1


$O'DELL, Corporal, GEORGE ALEXANDER, 3445, 2nd/7th Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Died of wounds 1 June 1918. Age 36. Son of Mrs E. Chittenden of Dover. III B 3

$SPAIN, Sapper, THOMAS EDWARD, 151075, Inland Water Transport, Royal Engineers. Died of accidental injuries 31 October 1916. Age 30. Son of Thomas Jarvis Spain and Hannah Jane Spain of Dover; husband of Lizzie Spain of Limekiln St, Dover. I E 7


$BELCHER, Serjeant, JAMES, 66406, M M, "C" Bty. 107th Bde, Royal Field Artillery. KIA 10 April 1917. Age 35. Son of Fredrick and Harriet Belcher; husband of Hilda Belcher of 1 Edgar Crescent, Buckland, Dover. Born in Dover. I E 11


$TILTMAN, Private, A V, 39016, 1st Bn, East Surrey Regiment. KIA near Beaurain 20 October 1918. Age 18. Son of Mr and Mrs H. V. Tiltman of 3 Churchill St, Dover. C 30


$BROMLEY, Serjeant (Pilot) CECIL PERCY JOHN, 1312, 7th Sqdn, Royal Flying Corps. 2 November 1916. Age 20. Son of Percy R. and A. A. Bromley of 85 High St, Dover. no ref

PORTER, Second Lieutenant, WILSON, 56th Sqdn, Royal Flying Corps and  Royal Field Artillery 24 March 1918. Age 27. Son of Wilson and Lydia Porter of  Port Dover, Ontario, Canada. no ref


(p)$ ALLEN, Lance Corporal, STUART, G/13700, 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Son of William Allen of 39 Dour St, Dover. Bay 2

(p)$BARDEN, Private, WILLIAM JOHN, G/20129, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 3 May 1917. Bay 2

(p) BAX, Company Serjeant Major, WILLIAM HENRY, 8269, 2nd Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. He was born in 1888, the son of James Bax, a labourer, and Emma Bax. He was christened at St Andrew, Deal, on 28 November 1888; the family then lived at Lawn Cottages. William was the third of their children to be baptised that year; his sister, Sarah Headwick Amy, then aged 3½, born at Ringwould, had been baptised the day before. On 10 March their brother, Augustus Edward, had been baptised privately; sadly he died a few months later.

They had an older brother, Joseph Thomas, born on 25 June 1884 at Ripple. He joined the Royal Marines Light Infantry on 22 July 1902, and died on 21 May 1915 after receiving a bullet wound to his head on 9 May 1915. He is buried in the Chatby War Memorial Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt, M 146.

A younger brother, James Edward Bax, was born on 1 November 1889 at Sutton, and  baptised on 3 April 1893 at St Nicholas, Sholden. Becoming a farm labourer, he then seems to have enlisted into the Buffs in August 1906 at Canterbury. He is then described as having black hair and grey eyes and as 5' 3½" tall. In October, possibly on 2nd, he joined the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. In March 1908 he apparently moved to the Royal Marines; however the date of birth given then was 2 September 1888. He was invalided out on 7 July 1910, with a character described as very good. He was back home in 1911, working as a farm carter.

Emily Edith Rose followed, born on 4 July 1895 at Sholden and  christened on 10 November 1895, again at St Nicholas. Sadly she too died young, in 1904 at the age of 8. She is buried at Woodnesborough. Ellen Frances M was the last child born to the family, at Wingham in 1898.

By 1901 the family were living at Polders, Woodnesborough, having been recorded ten years previously at Napchester Cottages, Northbourne. In 1911 they were still at Woodnesborough, at The Street, and Mr Bax was a farm labourer.

William enlisted at Canterbury; on 10 April 1909 at St Mary, Woodnesborough, William married Charlotte Beatrice Bailey, born on 14 May 1891 and the daughter of George Jeffrey Bailey, a labourer, and his wife, Sarah Ann. William was then from the parish of Cheriton. The couple had a son, Reginald, born in Folkestone and christened on 19 October 1909 at Woodnesborough. Reginald's parents were then living at 41 Warren Road, Folkestone, with William a lance corporal in the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. By 1911 the family were at 17 Royal Military Avenue, Cheriton.

William died on 24 March 1918. He is commemorated in Bay 6 or 7.  His wife was then at 1 Upper Hillside, Buckland Dover, and in 1939 was still at the same address. Also there was her son John Gordon Bax, born 8 March 1923, an iron moulder, who died in 1983. Charlotte died in 1970 in the Folkestone area.

*Thanks to Andy, who has informed us that CSM Bax's grave has now been identified. He lies in Delsaux Farm cemetery, Beugny, Pas de Calais, France. The rededication service for his grave: 23 March 2022

(p)$ BEDWELL, Private, HENRY, G/40872, 16th Bn, Middlesex Regiment. 31 May 1917. Age 37. husband of Elizabeth Bedwell of 38 Adrian St, Dover. Bay 7

BELCHAMBER, ERNEST HENRY, Second Lieutenant,  Border Regiment -: "D" Coy, 7th Bn. Died 23/04/1917, aged 22. Son of Sidney Charlie and Christiana Belchamber, née Foster, of Church House, 34, Taybridge Rd., Battersea, London. An Officer in Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, Burmah. Came home in Feb., 1915, to serve. Bay 6. Born Dover

(p) BLACKMAN, Captain, WILLIAM, D C M, 1st Bn, East Surrey Regiment. 8 May 1917. Age 29. Son of John and Mary Blackman of London; husband of Lavinia Jane Elizabeth Blackman of 122 Folkestone Rd, Dover. Enlisted in 1906. Served in India (1908-1914) Gazetted Dec 1915. Bay 6

(p)$ BROCKMAN, Private, ALBERT, G/40914, 4th Bn, Middlesex Regiment. 28 April 1917. Age 29. Son of Mrs. A. Brockman of The Buttway, Cliffe-at-Hoo, Rochester, Kent; husband of Mary Tucker Brockman of 35 Longfield Rd, Dover, Kent. Bay 7

(p)$ BROOKS, Private, SYDNEY JAMES, G/18227, 1st Bn, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 3 May 1917. Age 24. Son of Mrs E. Brooks of Dover; husband of M. H. Brooks of 15 Wood St, Dover, Kent. Bay 2

BUTTERFIELD, Trooper, ALFRED JOHN, 1409, Household Battalion. 3 May 1917. Age 19. Son of Mr. A. and Mrs H. Butterfield of Archer's Court, Whitfield, Dover. Bay 1. Brother of AEG Butterfield, buried Railway Dugouts, Belgium

(p)$ CHASE, Second Lieutenant, HAROLD CHARLES, 4th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment. 8 June 1917. Age 24. Son of William Henry and Fanny Amelia Chase of 22 Cherry Tree Avenue, Dover. Enlisted in Royal East Kent Yeomanry in Oct 1914. Gazetted to Lincolnshire Regt Oct 1916. Went to France Jan 1917. Bay 3 and 4

(p) COCKERILL, Serjeant, ALFRED, 8631, 7th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment. 22 July 1918. Age 30. Son of Mrs Mary Ann Bailey (formerly Cockerill) of 50 Albert St, Kettering, Northants; husband of Clarice Marina Cockerill of 39 Clarendon Rd, Dover. Bay 7

(p) COLLARD, Private, EDWARD, G/24742, 2nd Bn, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 13 May 1917. Age 37. Son of Ambrose Collard of Wolverton, Alkham, Dover, and the late Elizabeth Collard. Bay 2. Eldest son, brother of George Collard, buried St Sever, France

$CROFTS, Private, FREDERICK WILLIAM, L/9742, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 9 April 1917. Bay 2

DIXON, Private, ALBERT JAMES, 33875, 13th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment. 22 March 1918. Age 22. Son of Mr. H. J. and Mrs E. H. Dixon of Court Cottages, Guston, Dover. Bay 5

$DUNN, Corporal, ARTHUR RUPERT, 13030, Worcestershire Regiment) 23 April 1917. Bay 6

$EVANS, Sergeant, EDWARD ARTHUR, Royal Fusiliers, 28 April 1917. Bay 3

(p) FARBRACE, Private, PERCY JOHN, G/52494, 4th Bn, Royal Fusiliers. 9 May 1917. Age 36. Husband of Mabel Farbrace of 308 London Rd, Dover. Bay 3

$FARLEY, Lieutenant, HARRY WILLIAM, Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)  24 April 1918. Bay 7

$GREEN, Private, HERBERT DAVID, The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 23 April 1917. Bay 2

$GRIFFITHS, Rifleman,  JAMES THOMAS, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) 21 March 1918. Bay 10

$HARDY, 2nd Lieutenant, PHILIP ERNEST RADFORD, Royal Marine Light Infantry, age 22, 28 April 1917. Bay 1

$HARRIS, Rifleman, ALBERT EDWARD, London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) 21 May 1916. Bay 10

 HARRIS, Private, GEORGE, 22907, 8th Bn, East Surrey Regiment. 3 May 1917. Age 34. Son of Thomas and Ellen Harris of Temple Ewell, Dover; husband of Mary Jane Gray (formerly Harris) of 30 Maison Dieu Rd, Dover. Bay 6

(p)$ HEDGECOCK, Private, ERNEST CHARLES, G/24490, 4th Bn, Royal Fusiliers. 3 May 1917. Age 24. Son of Emma Elizabeth Hedgecock of 7 Alexandra Place, London Rd, Dover, and the late Charles Ellis Hedgecock. Bay 3

$JOHNSON, Private, JOHN, Middlesex Regiment, age 28, 3 May 1917. Bay 7

(p)$KINGSFORD, Corporal, AUBREY CARLTON, G/5335, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Bay 2

$LEWIS, Rifleman, ERNEST CHARLES, 8444, Rifle Brigade, May 1917. Bay 9 

(p) MARSH, Lance Corporal, HERBERT GOLDER, 36571, "D" Coy. 9th Bn, Leicestershire Regiment. 3 May 1917. Age 23. Son of Mrs A. E. Marsh of Ashby Whitfield, Dover and the late Mr G. Marsh. Bay 5

(p)$ MARTIN, Lieutenant, GEORGE STYLES, 5th Bn. attd 18th Bn, Manchester Regiment. 23 April 1917. Age 26. Son of George Munson Martin and A. M. Martin of 33 Bartholomew St, Dover. Bay 7

(p)$ METCALFE, Private, JOHN WILLIAM, G/9031, 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Age 21. Son of Mrs. Mary E. Maxted of 2 Alexandra Place, London Rd, Dover. Bay 2

(p)$ NEWMAN, Lance Corporal, PERCY CHESTER, G/13566, "D" Coy. 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 2 May 1917. Age 27. Son of Fred and Annie Newman, husband of Daisy May Simmonds (formerly Newman) of The Gothic Inn, Snargate St, Dover. Bay 2

$NORRIS, Private, HERBERT E, Royal Fusiliers, 3 May 1917. Bay 3

$OSBORN, Captain, ARCHIBALD EDWARD, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), age 27, 21 March 1918. Bay 2

(p)$ SHILLITO, Lance Corporal, WILLIAM HARRY, G/9735, 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 11 July 1917. Age 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Shillito of 26 Balfour Rd, Dover. Bay 2

$SOLE, Private, WILLIAM HENRY DAVID, G/13610, 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Age 20. Son of Edward William and Sarah Ann Sole of 57 Longfield Rd, Dover. Bay 2

$SYMES, Private, PERCIVAL B, The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 23 April 1917. Bay 2

(p)$ TULL, 2nd Lieutenant, WALTER DANIEL JOHN, 5th Battalion, Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment) age 29, 25 March 1918. Bay 7

$VALENTINE, Lance Corporal, WILLIAM GEORGE, The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 3 May 1917. Bay 2

$WATSON, Private, ROBERT CHARLES, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Bay 2

$WICKHAM, Sergeant, WILLIAM ERNEST, The Buffs (east Kent Regiment) 3 May 1917. Bay 2

$WOOD, Private, JAMES T, 40512, 7th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment. 3 May 1917. Age 40. Son of George and Emily Wood; husband of Matilda Emily Wood of St. James' Parish Hall, Dover. Bay 5



NEVES, Private, WILLIAM HENRY, 535234,  London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) "D" Coy. Age 19 Date of Death 23/03/1918. Son of Stephen and Rose A. Neves, of 116, East St., Epsom. X. D. 5. Born Dover 5 December 1898. 1901 the family were living at 51 Odo Road.



CULVER, Private, GEORGE SYDNEY, 47779, Northumberland Fusiliers 25th (Tyneside Irish) Bn. Age 31. 26 April 1917. Husband of Ethel Frances Culver of 60 Dumpton Park Rd, Ramsgate. Born Dover. Grave F 4


$NEWMAN, Rifleman, R H, 374112, 8th Bn, London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) Died of wounds 25 April 1917. Age 29. Son of William Ingram Newman and Sophia Catherine Newman of 1 Queen St, Dover. II D 75

MEPSTEAD, Lance Corporal, S J, 724515, 75th Bn, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment) KIA 6 November 1918. Age 38. Son of John and Rosina Mepstead of Dover, Kent, husband of Rosa Mepstead of 5 Blackshaw Rd, Lower Tooting, London. D 1 12


$MARSH, Private, ALBERT JAMES, Irish Guards, 13 April 1918. I E 8


$HUMPHREY, Corporal, C, 358019, 206th Siege Bty, RGA. 1 November 1918. Age 24. Son of Margarette Anne Humphrey of 263 London Rd, Dover, and the late James Humphrey. II E 27

from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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