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GEE, Frank William, 2592/SA, Second Hand, Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Attentive II. Died 19 December 1917, aged 47. Husband of Martha Pottle, formerly Gee, of 41 St Luke's Avenue, Ramsgate. He was born in Dover on 1 June 1871, the son of Henry Gee, a baker, born in Dover, and his wife Hannah. When the census was taken Mrs Gee was expecting Frank; the couple already had two children, Elizabeth, aged 2, and Henry, aged 1, both born in Dover.  By 1881 they had moved to 3 Bella Vista Terrace, Ramsgate, and Mrs Gee was working as a laundress. There was a new sister, Emily, 8, born in Margate like her mother. Frank married Martha Philpott in 1896 and by 1901 they had two children, Frank, aged 3, and Ellen, aged 1. They were both born in Ramsgate, and the family were living at 11 Alfred Cottages, Ramsgate. Frank senior was working as a fisherman.



$SHINGLETON, ARTHUR ROBERT, 12 February 1916. South Side


$BROWN, Lieutenant, WILLIAM CHARLES, 387th Siege Bty. 103rd Bde, Royal Garrison Artillery. 7 November 1918. Age 29. Son of William and Alice Brown of 38 Erskine Park Rd, Rusthall; husband of Emma Elizabeth Bonnage (formerly Brown) of 19 Union Rd, Dover. 2 71 


SMITH, Captain, CHARLES HENRY VERNON, Canadian Army Medical Corps. 1 November 1918. Age 32. Son of the Rev William Smith and Mrs Smith; husband of C. H. V. Smith of "Barra" of 13,Marine Parade, Dover. Born Montreal. MD CM (McGill University Montreal) A 652. He died from pneumonia

Captain Smith's grave is the first on the left. The inscription on his gravestone reads: "Greater love hath no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends" 

Captain Smith lies with many fellow Canadians.  In their honour, at Remembrance 2002, a maple tree was planted near their plot. Irish and West Indian people are also buried here.

photo right: courtesy of Seaford Museum


(p)$EDWARDS, Artificer Engineer, FREDERICK WILLIAM, HMS Flirt Royal Navy. Drowned 1 June 1916. Age 43. Son of Frederick and Mary Edwards of Dover; husband of Lottie Victoria Edwards of The Royal Hotel, Sheerness. V 221.


(p)WILSON, Lieutenant Colonel, ALEXANDER, Royal Army Medical Corps. 18 September 1919. Age 55. Son of Alexander Wilson; husband of A. M. Wilson of 18 Liverpool St, Dover. Born Wicklow. OO 153  (image right)


left, figure at the cemetery



$BISHOP, Able Seaman, F G, J/6765, HMS "Conquest" Royal Navy. Drowned 28 March 1916. Age 21. Son of William James and Florence Bishop of 6 Durham Place, Dover. RN Plot 103 

SANDY, Stoker 1st Class, WALTER EDWARD, K/24214, HMS "Ganges" Royal Navy. Died of pneumonia 8 March 1920. Age 27. Born 15 March 1891 at Sandwich. Son of Jesse Edmund Sandy and Emily Sandy; husband of Agnes Mary Sandy of 27 Waterloo Crescent, Dover, who was at 71 High Street, Dover, when she was informed of his death. RN Plot 142


SHREWSBURY General Cemetery,  Shropshire

KENNETT, John George, J/13074, died from disease on 11 February 1919, aged 24, serving in the Royal Navy with HMS King George V. Born on 26 October 1894, he was the son of Harry and Elizabeth Kennett, of 20 Butcher Row, Pride Hill, Shrewsbury. In 1901 he was aged 6 and living at Westmount Lodge, Folkestone Road, Dover, where his father was a gardener. Other children were Lydia, 10, Jessie, 8, Frank, 4, and Kathleen, a new baby. All the children were born in Dover, as was their father. Their mother came from Haslingfield in Cambridgeshire. Grave 192.13.G


(p) $FOSTER, Lance Corporal, LOFTUS FRANK, 10680, 2nd Bn, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) Died of wounds 9 May 1915. Age 22. Son of Mrs Sarah J. Lawrence of 8 Queen St, Dover. Grave 2


$BELLFIELD, Private, W H F, L/7424, "F" Coy. 1st Bn, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) Died of wounds (gas) 17 August 1915. Age 25. Son of Walter Henry and Minnie Bellfield of 60 Folkestone Rd, Dover. A 1169 

FOULSHAM, Private, JOHN HARRY, 9435, 2nd Bn, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 14 May 1915. Age 28. Son of Mr and Mrs J. Foulsham of Golbourne Rd, Kensington, London; husband of Rose Ellen Wingrave (formerly Foulsham) of 92 Mayfield Avenue, Dover. A 1171 

HEATH, Trimmer, RICHARD HENRY, 104/ST, HMS "Pembroke" Royal Naval Reserve. Born 1872 in Deal, Kent, died 25 June 1917. Husband of Florence Heath née Bushell, of 8 Church Court, Dieu Stone Lane, Dover, whom he married in 1904. In 1881 the family were living at 14a Adrian Street, Dover, with father Charles Heath then aged 41 and working in the Marine Packet Service. He had been born in Plymouth. His wife Esther, 42, had been born in Cornwall, and their son James, 17, born in Plymouth, like his father. Richard's younger two sisters, Laura, 7, and Esther, 5, had been born in Ramsgate, and Herbert, the baby, aged 6 months, in Dover. Ten years later, Richard was a member of the crew on Pembroke A at Gillingham, as a stoker. He was the uncle of Richard Fritz Brown; Esther, his sister, became Richard Fritz's mother. E 3448 

ST. ALBANS CEMETERY, Hertfordshire

(p) LEE, Private, JOHN, 299380, RAF Died of sickness 19 March 1919. Age 47. Son of James and Richenda Lee; husband of K. Lee of 21 Primrose Rd, Buckland, Dover. Born Chatham. Mil B 2B 


DEVINE, Private, Thomas, 41311, 1st/7th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment. 30 December 1918. Age 38. Husband of Mrs Rose Margaret Devine of 9 Adrian St, Dover, and the son of John, a dock labourer from Dublin, and Jane, née Kehoe, born Liverpool, Devine, married 1876 at Liverpool. 34 RC 773.

Private Devine enlisted on 7 June 1916. On 7 December 1917 at Warwick he was considered no longer fit for service; he was awarded a silver war badge on 11 December. Suffering from GPI, he was recommended for asylum treatment and was discharged to the Dykebar War Hospital, Paisley, Renfrewshire. Thomas received his war badge at the County Asylum, Rainhill, signing the receipt with just an X and four wobbly letters; his writing had greatly deteriorated since 10 October 1917 when he received his war certificate. On his discharge, Thomas was described as an erector and sheeter, 5' 7", with grey eyes and brown hair. He had a heart RN anchor and cross on his left forearm and possibly a horse's head and shoe, WI, and a crude mark on his right forearm. He also had three transverse scars across his abdomen. His character was described as good.

Born in Liverpool, Thomas had married at Chatham in 1905 Rose Margaret Norris. In 1907 the couple came to Dover to seek work, which Thomas took up at Snowdown colliery. In 1911 he is recorded as a labourer, with the couple living at 13 Edred Road. They had no children. In July 1915 Mrs Devine left her husband, going to her parents and subsequently spending five months in a sanatorium. In January 1916 she asked for a separation order at Dover Police Court owing to her husband's ill-treatment, which order was granted with maintenance of 10s a week.

Thomas went to Faversham and worked at the Gun Cotton works. He had been living at 57 West Street, in Faversham. In April 1917 Mrs Devine wrote to the army stating that she was in ill health and unable to work and had received no maintenance for six or seven weeks. She believed that a woman surnamed Clements, with whom Thomas was living at Ospringe Road, was instead claiming this money. On Thomas' army record Ellen Clements and a child, Thomas, are described as his dependents. Thomas Devine Clements was born on 12 April 1916. In 1939 he was noted also as "Snipp", a lorry driver, living at 22 Fairfield Road, Faversham, with Ellen M (born 12 March 1897) and with Frederick G (born 16 August 1888, a bricklayer) Snipp. He died in 1986).



KNOX, Serjeant, C W, 168, 3rd Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of accidental injuries 26 April 1916. Age 27. Son of John Charles and Mary Knox; husband of Isabel Maria Knox of 12 Victoria St, Buckland, Dover. Grave 24 A 2402. His wife requested on 8 December 1924 that he should be included on the Memorial. Charles William Knox and Isabel Maria Bowlt married in early 1910 in Dover. Isabel was the sister of casualties Frederick and Bartholomew Bowlt, and sister-in-law of John Joseph Behan

from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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