war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper


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for biographies of the Fallen see "Whitfield - Casualties of War" by James Steeples

St Peter's church, by Simon Chambers

The Great War and Second World War memorials are situated either side of this west window
This tablet and window are erected to the Glory of God and in Memory of
Charles Bean
Albert Edward Butterfield
Alfred John Butterfield
William Carswell
Wallace James Davies
George Files
Frederick William Thomas Gee
Henry William Lawrence
Henry William Lawrence Jnr
Albert Marsh
Charles Marsh
Frederick James Marsh
Edward Kelsey Richards
Reginald Shepherd
who gave their lives for their country in
the Great War 1914-1918
WWI plaque, by Simon Chambers
WWII plaque, by Simon Chambers To the Glory of God
and in Memory of the
Men of Whitfield who
gave their Lives in
War 1939-1945

Harold Victor Anson
Ronald Richard Densham
William Lacey Goldfinch
William Henry Hopkins
Frank Wilfred McToldridge

In Loving Memory of
Sergt Edward Kelsey
of the East Kent Yeomanry
only and beloved son of
Mr and Mrs F Richards
of Bewsbury Cross
who was killed in action
at Ginchy, Franch
Sept 11th 1918, aged 31

"Greater love hath no man
 than this, that a man lay
down his life for
his friends"
plaque in memory Sergt Kelsey, by Simon Chambers

picture Simon John Chambers

Note: Frederick James Marsh was a cousin to William Henry Marsh and Charles Richard Marsh, both commemorated at Langdon.

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