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The Last Word

Charles Brading

In Loving Memory of Dear Father, Mother and Brother Bert Brading, Died 20th Sept. 1938. His loving wife Catherine, Died 21st March, 1967. Their son Charles, Killed on Active Service, 23rd Oct 1943. RIP. SM

Edward Brooks

In Loving Memory of Leonard Brooks, Died 25th January 1925. Aged 14 years. Also His Brother Edward Charles, Killed in Action At Peolcappelle, 11th October 1917. Aged 19 years.

W Brown

S/13654 Rifleman, W. J. Brown, The Rifle Brigade. 17th September 1919. Age 41. SA

Doris Buddle

In Memory Of Doris Elizabeth Buddle, Killed By Enemy Action 25th September 1944, Aged 26 Years. SJ

John William "Jack" Butcher

In Loving Memory of Harry Finn Butcher Died 25th June 1916 Aged 59. Also of Jack Son of the above, Killed in France 24th Sept 1916 Aged 25. Greater Love Hath No Man Than This That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends RIP. Also Sarah Ann Butcher Sister of the above Died 11th Sept 1925, aged 71. "Thy Will Be Done" C

Albert Carberry

In Loving Memory of Kate Annie, The beloved wife of Albert Carberry Who died 20th May 1923 Aged 30 years. "God's Will Be Done". C

Leonard Carey

In Loving Memory of Rosina Adelaide, The beloved Wife of Henry James Carey Who Died 30th August 1919 Aged 53 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also of Leonard Albert Carey Son of the above, Who lost his life at sea by Enemy Action 18th September 1918 Aged 17 years. Asleep In The Deep. Also of Henry James Carey, Husband and Father of the above, Who Died 17th November 1926 Aged 61 years. RIP. SM

S Carley

CWGC Headstone: S. Carley, Chief Stoker R.N. 15476. H. M. S. Pembroke, 8 February 1915.Also Annie Daughter of the above, Who died March 7 1916 Aged 17 years. RIP. Family Headstone: In Loving Memory of Winifred A. Carley, Who died 8th(?) February 1921 Aged 45 years.Also of Robert Trice, Who died 13th February 1927Aged 35 years."Rest In The Lord And Wait Patiently For Him" E

Percy Carswell

In Loving Memory of Ernest Henry Carswell, Died 14th June1925 Aged 38 years. "Though Time Changes Many Things, Loving Memory Ever Clings" Also Percy William Carswell, Killed by Enemy Action 20th October 1940 Aged 57 years. C

Arthur Cay

Cross laid flat. Also Arthur Lindsey Cay, Flag Captain HMS Invincible. Who Was Killed In Action Battle of Jutland May 31st 1916. Third Son of Captain R.B. Cay R.N. and Augusta his Wife. SJ

William Champion (1)

In Memory Of William Champion, Killed By Enemy Action 13th September 1944 Aged 55 Years. SJ

William Champion (2)

Ernest Frederick Wright Died 30th March 1990 Aged 83 years. Beloved Husband of Gladys and Father of Gloria, Jane and John. A long and happy life. Gladys Wright Died 31st May 2006 Aged 85 years, Beloved wife and adored Mother. Also of William Champion, Died by Enemy Action 13th Sept 1944 Father of Ena, Gladys, Roy and Raymond. C

Charles, Louisa and Doris Chapman

In Memory Of Charles William Chapman Aged 54 Years. Louisa Chapman Aged 40 Years. Doris Chapman Aged 17 Years. Killed By Enemy Action 22 May 1943. C

E Chapman

6287784 Private E C W Chapman The Buffs. 7th September 1940 Age 21. Treasured Memories Of Our Dear One Linger With Us To The End Rest In Peace. SM

In Loving Memory of Albert Edward Chapman Died 10th December 1945 Aged 59 years. Also of his Wife Harriett Chapman 15th January 1952 Aged 56 years.

Ronald Chapman
In Memory Of Ronald Walter John Chapman, Killed By Enemy Action 26th September 1944 Aged 17 Years. SJ
Alfred Chatwin

Everlasting Memory of Margaret A Curd The dearly loved Wife of William A Curd, who passed peacefully away February 23rd 1918. The cup was bitter the sting severe To part from her we loved so dear The trial is hard but we'll not complain But trust in Christ to meet again For bear dear ones to mourn and weep While sweetly in the dust I sleep This toilsome world I've left behind A glorious crown I hope to find. Also of her dearly loved and only Son Alfred William Chatwin, who Died on Active Service in Mesopotomia December 6th 1917 Aged 20 years "Until The Day Break" Also of William Alfred Curd Died 23rd July 1921 Aged 42 years Loved By All. C

F Clarett
M2/050705 Private FG Clarett Army Service Corps 25th December 1917. SJ
A Clarke
L/9192 Lance Cpl. A R Clarke. E Kent Regt. (The Buffs)16 January 1915 Age 22 Rest In Peace. SJ
Charles Cloke

In Affectionate Remembrance of My Dearly Beloved Husband Charles William Cloke, Late MMC also The Buffs, Who died 19th June 1921 Aged 37 years. Goodnight Dear Until Day Break, At Rest. C

Charles Cock

In Loving Memory of My dear Husband William Smith Cock Who passed away 20th July 1963 Aged 84 years. Also Segt Charles Edward Cock The beloved Son of the above 4th Buffs, Lost at Sea 1943 Aged 43 years. Also Ellen Wife of William and beloved Mother of Charles Who passed away 28th February 1963 Aged 89 years RIP. Also William Charles Cock Who died 16th February 1968 Aged 76 years. SJ

Edward and George Collard

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth The Wife of Ambrose Collard Who died 17th June 1912 Aged 63 years "Peace Perfect Peace" Also of Edward eldest Son of the above, Killed In Action in France 13th May 1917 Aged 37 years, Interred at Bullecourt. Also of George youngest Son of the above, Died of wounds received in action in France 6th May 1918 Aged 25 years, Interred in St Sever Cemetery Rouen. Also of Ambrose Collard Died September 16th 1935 Aged 89 years.A

William Cook
In Loving Memory of William Henry Cook Killed by Enemy Action 1st September 1944 Aged 67 years. (Footstone illeg) SM
Frederick, Harry and Charles Cooke

In Loving Memory of Emma Cooke Who died June 1st 1917 aged 64 years. Also of Charles Cooke Husband of the above Who died in Canada November 17th 1915 Aged 70 Years. Also of Frederick son of the above, Killed in France April 16th 1916 Aged 19 years. Also of Harry son of the above Lost on HMS Russell In the Mediterranean April 27th 1916 Aged 38 years. On That Happy Easter Monday All The Graves Their Dead Restore Father Sister Child and Mother Meet Once More. Also of Charles Frederick Son of the above Lost on HMS Vanguard July 9th 1917 Aged 43 years. SJ

Edward and Charles Coppen

In Loving Memory of Harriet Eliza The beloved Wife of Henry Coppen Who died June 25th 1914 Aged 68 years Peace Perfect Peace. Also of Edward Ethelbert Coppen Youngest son of the above Killed in Action Sept 24th 1915 Aged 26 years Buried at Bailleul in France. Also of L. Cpl. Charles Henry Coppen Elder son of the above Who died of wounds Oct 10th 1916 Aged 31 Years Buried in France. Both of the 6th Batt. Buffs "Faithful Unto Death" Also of the above Henry Coppen Who entered into rest Dec 30th 1928 Aged 79 years. S

H Cork

750 Private H Cork. E Kent Regt The Buffs 15th April 1918 Age 47 Rest in Peace. SA
J Crutchfield

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband Staff Sergt. J H Crutchfield  IML, Who died 30th June 1918 Aged 47 years. Also of Annie Wife of the above Called to rest 21st May 1960 Aged 80 years "Life's Work Well Done" C

P Curran
2034993 Gunner P Curran 29th Searchlight Regiment RA Lately Royal Engineers 19th August 1940 Age 21. One Of Life's Best. SJ

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