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Surnames Cur to Gold

Gilbert Curtis

In Loving Memory of our dear Father Alfred Ernest Curtis Died 12th (illeg) Also of our dear Brother Pilot Officer Gilbert Alfred John Curtis Killed over Blevy France (?) Died June 19th (illeg) 1944 Aged 21 years (illeg) TE

John Darwell

Sacred To The Memory Of The Rev John Randle Darwall 2nd Lieutenant Somerset Light Infantry Born at Dover 7th January 1878 Died 30 July 1915 "This Is The Promise He Has Promised Us Even Eternal Life" (Front section: To The Memory of Laleah Almon Darwall Wife of Robert Cecil Darwall (illeg)) SJ

  Christopher Davidson  

The Peace Of God Which Passeth All Understanding Psalm 1V 7. In Loving Memory of Clara Mountcharles Davidson of 14 Victoria Park Dover, Eldest Daughter of the late Col CM Davidson His Majesty's Bodyguard. Died 14th July 1933. Also of Henry George Lindsay Davidson MA of 14 Victoria Park Dover. Barrister At Law, Major Reserve, Batt Kings Own Lancaster Regt. Eldest son of the late Col CM Davidson His Majesty's Bodyguard Died 19th February 1934 Aged 61 years (Left headstone)

I Will Lay Me Down In Peace And Take My Rest Psalm 1V Verse 9. Sacred In The Memory of Lt Colonel Christopher Middlemass Davidson MVD His Majesty's Bodyguard. Late the Kings Own and Royal Munster Fusiliers Regt Born 6th May 1843 Died 4th June 1922. And Jessie Rose Oliphant his Wife Born 28th July 1844 Died 21st January 1933. Also of their two Sons Killed In Action. Frank CD Davidson Lieut The Kings Own Royal Regt, The relief of Ladysmith South Africa February 1900 Age 25 years. Captain Christopher EG Davidson The Buffs Hullock, France October 1915 Aged 29 years. (Right headstone) SM

Robert Denne

544127 Second Corporal RK Denne Royal Engineers 14th March 1919 Age 36 "Greatly Beloved" SM

Frederick Dive

In Memory Of Edward Henry Dive Aged 58 Years. Frederick Stephen Dive Aged 14 Years Killed By Enemy Action 17th September 1941. Also Of Annie Louisa Dive Who Passed Away 12th May 1953 Aged 65 Years. At Rest C

William Dixon

To the Sacred Memory of Lieut William Alfred Dixon MC Who was Killed In Action in Ireland 22nd October 1920 Aged 39 years RIP. Also of his Wife Ellen Mary Dixon Who Died 28th Feb 1965 Aged 81 years SJ

Thomas Doherty

In Memory of Thomas Doherty Killed By Enemy Action 13th September 1944 Aged 52 Years. Celia Olive Cooper Died 16th June 1955 Aged 1 Month. Agnes Margaret Doherty Died 15th January 1963 Aged 70 Years. Eileen Margaret Cooper Died 14th February 2007 Aged 76 Years SJ

Albert Donnelly

In Loving Memory of Ethel Sarah May Beloved Daughter of Justina and Lewis Donnelly Who died August 25th 1911 Aged 25 years "It Is Enough Earth's Struggles Soon Shall Cease And Jesus Calls Us To Heaven's Peace Perfect Peace" G

Also of Pte Albert Donnelly Btn ES Regt Brother of the above Killed In Action January 25th 1917 Aged 27 years (Headstone damaged)

R Durtnall

650617 Flight Sergeant RRB Durtnall DFM Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Royal Air Force 31st July 1941 Age 21. SM

Hubert East

In Memory of Reginald Gordon Infant Son Died 1st August 1885. Also of Hubert James East, Captain 1st York and Lanc Regt, Beloved second Son Killed In Action near Ypres 8th March 1915 Aged 30 years (Other panels inaccessible) C

Nora Edson

In Loving Memory of Nora Christine Edson Born 15th June 1926 Died by Enemy Action 6th November 1940 (Left kerbstone) C

William and William Evans

In Loving Memory of my Husband William John Evans, Trinity House Pilot Who Died on 18th November 1939. Also of my Son William Arthur Evans RN. Killed In Action on 1st May 1915 "Rest In Peace" SA

Edward Everall

In Loving Memory of Freeman Everall Beloved Husband of Ellen Everall Died 31st March 1935 Aged 77 years. Also Ellen Beloved wife of the above Died 2nd April 1940 Aged 80 years. Also Edward Beloved Son of the above Drowned on HMS Aboukir 26th September 1914 Aged 26 years "With Christ Which Is Far Better" SM

F Fagg

F J Fagg Lamp Trimmer, SS Henry Woodall, 10th May 1940 Age 49 "Forget Him No We Never Will Although He's Gone We Love Him Still" C

G Feldwick
7709 Corporal GE Feldwick, Royal Army Ordnance Corps 26th August 1918. C
Frank Field

In Memory of Frank Field Killed By Enemy Action 20th October 1941 Aged 69 years And Ellen E Field Died 29th March (?) Aged (?) SM

George Flanders

141127 Air Man 2nd CL. GB Flanders, Royal Air Force 24th February 1919 Age 19. C

Emily Foster

In Loving Memory of Emily Foster Killed By Enemy Action 4th December 1914 Aged 54 years SJ

L Gale

LF Gale, Able Seaman RN J/8830. HM Submarine L 11. 3rd January 1919 Aged 26. Also his Wife Nellie Rosina Gale 8th June 1977 Aged 82. C

E Gardiner

625967 Sergeant EA Gardiner, Flight Engineer Royal Air Force 20th December 1942 Age 23 "Ever Remembered, He Died That We Might Live" (additional memorial Harry Gardiner Aged 71) SJ

Charles Gearing

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Mum and Dad Frances Emily Gearing Died 5th October 1946 Aged 70 years, Charles Thomas Gearing Died 22nd February 1947 Aged 73 years. Also of Our Dear Brother Charles "Sonny" Died 7th July 1943 while a POW Aged 42 years Interred at Siam "Life Fades But Memory Clings" SJ

W Glass

D/12969 Corporal WT Glass, The Buffs 20th January 1940. SJ

William Golds

Sacred to the Memory of Rosa Caroline the dearly beloved wife of William Golds, who passed away May 28th 1917, aged 49 years. "Thy voice is now silent, Thy heart is now cold, Where they smile and they welcome oft met us of old, We miss thee and mourn thee in silence unseen and dwell on the memory of joys that have been." Also of William Alfred Golds, RE, only son of the above, who died for his country December 14th 1914, aged 26 years. Interred at Bailleul, France. "Duty called him, he was there to do his bit and take his share. His heart was good, his spirit brave, and now he's resting in a hero's grave."  Also of William Golds, who died March 11th 1933, aged 78 years. SLG

Thomas Godsmark

In Memory Of Thomas Godsmark Killed By Enemy Action 22nd January 1944 Aged 64 Years. Also Caroline S Godsmark Wife Of The Above Died 7th October 1964 Aged 87 Years C

Harry Goldsmith (1)

In Loving Memory of My dear Father Joseph Laud Died 5th May 1906 Aged 72 years. Also my dear Mother Susannah Widow of the above Died 25th June 1906 Aged 62. Also of Harry Goldsmith AB Killed In Action on HMS Raglan 20th January 1916 In his 22nd year "Re-united" C

Harry Goldsmith (2)

In Ever Loving Memory of A dear Husband and Father Henry Phillips Goldsmith Who passed way 26th June 1937 Aged 73 years. Also of our dear Mum Emma E Goldsmith, Widow of the above Who passed away 1st October 1943 Aged 73 years. Also of Harry Only Son of the above Who was called home suddenly 20th January 1918 In his 22nd year "Reunited" (Left kerbstone: Charles Richard Puckett, Killed In Action 1st June 1940 Aged 45 years. Right kerbstone: Edith Emma Puckett who died 4th December 1972 Aged 71 years) C

Alice Goldup


Headstone laid flat Sacred to the Memory of Daniel Whiddett Husband of Catherine Passed away 23rd November 1982 (Bottom kerbstone: Stephen Sutton Goldup Died January 1931. Right kerbstone: And of their Daughter Alice Muriel Killed by Enemy Action 23rd September 1944 At Rest. Left kerbstone: illeg) SJ

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