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The Last Word


Surnames Hop to Lyn

Edward Hopper

205113 Serjeant E C Hopper Royal Air Force 25th February 1919 Age 26 C

Henry Horn

In Loving Memory of My Devoted Husband Henry Augustus Horn DCM Who died 24th Nov 1926 "At Rest" C

S Howell

In Loving Memory of Elsie Maud Howell Who passed away July 16th 1913 Aged 17 years "Because I Live Ye Shall Live Also" John 14.19 Also of Gunner SGS Howell RGA Brother of the Above Died 22nd November 1918 Aged 24 years. Served His Country Faithfully and Well SJ

Frederick Hubbard

F Hubbard Deck Hand RNR 3032/DA HM Drifter Vintage 23rd November 1918 Age 21 SJ

William Inwood

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Son William James Inwood Who Passed Away after much suffering 10th November 1918 Aged 40 years "Thy will be done O Lord" Also of my Beloved Husband William James Inwood Who fell asleep in Jesus 25th March 1928 Aged 82 years "His grace is sufficient for me" R

Cecil Jackson

In loving memory of my dear boys Arthur Alexander Jackson Called home 12th April 1926 In his 21st year Also his dear brother Pt Cecil Frances Jackson Killed in Action on the Somme 17th October 1916 Aged 17 years "They are not dead For in my heart they are living (Mother)" Rear of headstone: Our little darling Gladys Dorothy Jackson Taken home 14th July 1898 Aged 3 years and 11 months "Lost awhile our treasured love Gained for ever safe above" Additional headstone: In loving memory of Edwin John Jackson Who entered into rest March 19th 1941 Aged 46 years "Peace Perfect Peace" Reverse of Additional headstone: Ellen Jackson 1935 (illeg) C

Alfred Jenkins

In Memory of Alfred Jenkins Killed by Enemy Action 3rd November 1943 Aged 67 years SM

F Johncock

24919 Worker FM Johncock QM Army Aux Corps 5th November 1918 C

M Johnson

In Loving Memory of Isabel Alice The dearly beloved Wife of Richard Stephen Johnson Who entered into Rest 22 December 1892 Aged 29 years "Nearer my God to Thee" Also Gunr MW Johnson Son of the Above Died 5th May 1918 Aged 22 years C

Henry Keeler

In Loving memory of Ruth May Keeler died August 1938 Aged 21. Also Her Brother Henry Frederick Keeler Killed at El Alamein October 1942 Aged 22. In Loving Memory of Charles Frank Keeler Died June 1937 Aged 54. Also His Wife Louisa Keeler Died January 1971 Aged 84 "Reunited" A

E Kember

E Kember Stoker 1st Class K/28775 HMS Pembroke 8th October 1918 Age 24 SA

S Kemp

SE/16855 Private SJ Kemp Royal Army Vet Corps 28th July 1916 Age 46 "Peace Perfect Peace" SJ

T Kennett

TE Kennett Stoker 1st Class RN C/KX.87673 HMS Pembroke 24th January 1944 Age 32 C

John Kerr

In Loving Memory of John Kerr (of Ayr) Beloved Husband of Elizabeth A Kerr Who died 18th October 1914 C

A Keyton

M2/155644 Private AJT Keyton Army Service Corps 11th November 1918 SJ

S Kingsmill

Kingsmill1394618 Sergeant SG Kingsmill Air Bomber Royal Air Force 28 April 1944 Age 20 SM

A G Kinnaird

A tablet on the wall of the mausoleum reads, "Alexander George Kinnaird, died 30th March 1942. Age 23."   See also W. Zillessen SMC

Arthur Kirby

In Loving Memory of Edward Charles Kirby Died 13th April 1929 Aged 44 years. Also Arthur E V Kirby died of wounds 12th May 1916 Aged 19 years Interred Lyssinthock Cemetery near Poperinghe "To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Not To Die" And In Loving Memory of Ellen Kirby Wife of Edward Kirby Died 30th December 1963 Aged 86 years W

R Kirby

S/97562 Private RF Kirby Royal Army Service Corps 19th July 1940 Age 21 "Rest In Peace" S

Sidney Kirby

In Loving Memory of A dear Son and Brother Sidney Thomas Kirby Died Through Enemy Action 25th October 1940 Aged 40 years. Also Sydney George Smith (Chubb) Nephew of the above Accidentally drowned HMS Sussex 9th August 1940 Aged 18 years "Lovely And Pleasant In Their Lives And In Their Death Not Far Divided" EL

George Kirkwood

In Loving Memory Of John Charles Kirkwood who Died 24th November 1905 Aged 45 "Father in thy gracious keeping Leave we now thy servant sleeping" Also of Pte George Felix Kirkwood youngest Son of the above who Died at The Military Hospital Gibraltar 27th March 1920 Aged 18 years Interred at Gibraltar "Thy Will Be Done" Also Sophia Kirkwood Wife of the above passed away 8th July 1944 Aged 82 years "Reunited" C

Leonard Libretto

In loving memory of a dear Husband and Father Lewis Libretto who Died 17th December 1939 aged 54 years "Rest in Peace" Also Hannah Reason Wife of the above who Died 16th April 1966 aged 80 years. Also Leonard Son of the above Killed by Enemy Action 8th September 1940 aged 17 years C

Margaret Licence

Left kerbstone: In loving memory of a dear Husband and Father Joseph George Licence who passed away 23rd February 1939 aged 73 years Right kerbstone: And Margaret Wife and Mother Died November 3rd 1943 Base kerbstone: "Peace Perfect Peace" C

H Lynch

5729739 Private HE Lynch The Dorsetshire Regiment 27th June 1943 age 26 SJ

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