war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Last Word

Michael O'Halloran

In Loving Memory of Michael O'Halloran RN Who was Drowned from HMS Flirt Ascension Day June 1st 1916 Aged 35 years RIP Also of his beloved Wife Ethel Margaret who Died 8th April1974 Aged 87 years "Reunited" SJ

W Oram

1423791 Searjeant WGV Oram Royal Artillery 26th November 1946 Age 39 "He Died Today For Our Tomorrow In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death" G


To the Dear Memory of William Ovenden 1923 and Charlotte E his Wife 1937 "With All The Company of Heaven" Also Their Children W:D: H:E: R:F: C:W: M:J. C

E Page

14212365 Private EGL Page General Service Corps 1st August 1942 Age 22 SM

John Pascall

In Loving Memory of my dear Wife Ellen Elizabeth Pascall who passed away 11th August 1938 Aged 55 years RIP. Also John EL Pascall Sergt The Buffs Son of the above Killed in Action in Italy 13th April 1945 Aged 31 Years Also Edward Aged 68 years "Reunited" SJ

Walter Pascall

To The Treasured Memory of our dear Dad Walter Pascall who fell asleep 14th February 1920 Age 36 years Also of our darling Mum Maria Catherine who passed peacefully away 15th May 1936 Aged 58 years "They died and broke the chain of life That linked us all together But when on earth our time is done We'll join that chain together" C

William Pascoe

In Proud Memory of our dear Son William T Crighton Pascoe Captain 4th Recce Regt Died of wounds 20th January 1946 Aged 27 years "Being weary he fell asleep" Treasured Memories of my dear Wife Ellen Roeina Pascoe Died 7th Feb 1959 Aged 77 years "Life's work well done" SM

E Pemble

1594240 Private E Pemble Army Catering Corps 28th September 1942 Age 31 "Rest in Peace" S

A W Penn

In Loving Memory of a dear Husband and Father George Henry Penn Who Entered Into Rest 15th May 1934 Aged 62 Years "At Rest" Also PO AW Penn RN Who Died on Active Service 20th December 1941 Aged 39 Years Also Elizabeth Penn Dearly Loved Wife and Mother of Above Died 4th April 1944 aged 66 RIP Also Horace Victor Penn Died 10th May Aged (illeg)

Kenneth and Watson Peverley

Main Cross: In Loving Memory of Percy William Youngest Son of William and Elizabeth Peverley Who Died Nov 25th 1918 Aged 38 years Also in Loving Memory of William Cheevers Peverley The beloved Husband of Elizabeth Bickford Who fell asleep September 2nd 1920 Aged 70 years "Looking unto Jesus Reunited" Also in Loving Memory of Elizabeth Bickford Beloved Wife of William Cheevers Peverley Who passed away Feb 12th 1931 Aged 74 years. Additional Headstone: Also of their Grandson Kenneth William Peverley Sgt Observer RAF VR Killed on Active Service 24th March 1943 Aged 19 years And of their youngest Son Watson Evans Peverley Trinity House Pilot Killed by Enemy Action at Sea 3rd November 1943 Aged 51 years Also of Winifred Elizabeth Cheevers Who died 4th September 1966 Aged 83 years SM

T Phelan

2339636 Signalman T Phelan Royal Signals 15th March 1947 Age 66 Mizpah His loving Wife and Sons "His Duty Well Done" SJ

Ernest Phillips

Bottom kerbstone: Pilot Officer Ernest William Harry Phillips RAF NR Missing Presumed Killed 26th August 1941 Aged 28 Years Right  Kerbstone: In Loving Memory of Emma Maud Phillips who Died 17th July 1956 Aged 69 years Left Kerbstone: (illeg) SJ

F Phillips

31808 Lance Cpl FRH Phillips Royal Engineers 26th August 1917 Age 20 years "At Rest Asleep Within The Fold" C

Albert Port

In Loving Memory of William Port Died 8th September 1915 Aged 76 years Also of Sarah Port Beloved Wife of above Died 16th March 1909 Aged 52 years Also of Albert Goddard Port Who died at Sea from exposure 26th March 1917 Aged 29 years Also of George Richard Port Son of the above Died 25th October 1930 in his 38th year SM

W Pratt

In Loving Memory of Major W Ashworth Pratt Dearly beloved Husband of Nellie Salter Pratt Who was "Promoted to Glory" Killed by Enemy Action whilst on duty 13th Nov 1940 Aged 51 years "Sudden Death Sudden Glory"

Patience Ransley

In Memory of Patience Ransley Killed By Enemy Action 26th September 1944 Aged 66 Years SJ

Basil Ransom

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Parents Percy Kemp Ransom Died 11th November 1943 Aged 79 And Fanny Mary Ransom Died 5th July 1946 Aged 80 Also Of Our Brother Pilot Officer Basil Denne Ransom RAF Died on Active Service 13th December 1943 Aged 38 Interred at Chittagong India And Edgar Lionel Ransom Died 23rd September 1888 Aged 6 months SM

Lydia Ricketts

In Memory of Lydia Ricketts Killed By Enemy Action 1st September 1944 Aged 43 Years Also Leonard James Husband of the above Died 7th February 1963 Aged 66 C

Albert and James Rigden

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Sons George Ernest Rigden Who Died July 15th 1915 Aged 25 years Also Albert Victor Reported Wounded and Missing France September 15th 1916 Aged 19 years Also James Frank Killed In Action France October 29th 1916 Aged 21 years "Sadly missed from their home Fight the good fight with all thy might Christ is thy strength and Christ thy right Lay hold on life and it shall be Thy joy and crown eternally" TE

I Roberts

111903 Pioneer I Roberts Royal Engineers 9th May 1916 age 54. SM

Elsie Robson

In Loving Memory of Elsie Agnes Robson eldest Daughter of John Robson Died through Enemy Action 3rd April 1942 Age 58 "Blessed are (illeg)" R

Harry Russell

Sacred to the Memory of my beloved Husband William John Russell For 35 years Verger of this church Called to rest 2nd Jan 1929 Aged 63 years Also Harry Son of the above Killed in Action 29th June 1918 Aged 28 years Also William John Son of the above Died 7th Feb 1901 Aged 7 weeks "Loved and Remembered" Also Ellen Annie Wife of the above Died 11th Jan 1947 Aged 75 years "Reunited" SA

Albert Samways

In Loving Memory of John David The second Son of Robert and Elizabeth Martin Drowned off Dover 27th April 1888 Aged 20 years "Lord hear us when we call to thee For those in peril on the sea" Also of Robert Martin Brother of the above Died 13th June 1933 aged 68 years "After much suffering peace at last" Also of Albert Henry dearly beloved Husband of Alice Samways and Nephew of the above Who lost his life on HMS Invincible In the Battle of Jutland May 31st 1916 Aged 26 years "He gave his life for the sake of his king and country" Also of Henry Charles Martin Brother of the above SM

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