war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

The Last Word

Edward Scarlett

In Memory of Edward Scarlett much loved Husband of Maria Scarlett who passed into rest May 1st 1881 Aged 42 years To the honoured memory of our dearly loved Mother Maria Scarlett widow of the above who entered her last rest May 30th 1920 Aged 70 years Also of Edward (Ted) Scarlett RN eldest Son of the above who gave his life in action on HMS Submarine E24 March 1916 aged 33 years "What I do well knowest not now But thou shall know hereafter" In Memory of Edith Constance Langley youngest Sister of Maria Scarlett Born June 1866 Died October 25th 1939

Harry and Frederick Sergeant

In Loving Memory of Frederick John Sergeant Who Died 22nd May 1922 Aged 61 years Also of Ernest George Sergeant who Died 1st Jan 1896 aged 2 years 8 months. Harry Venner Sergeant Killed in France 13th October 1915 Aged 27 years Albert Henry Sergeant who died 19th March 1916 Aged 29 years Also Frederick William Barten Sergeant Reported Killed in Belgium 11th October 1917 Aged 31 years Sons of the above. Also of Mary Ann Barten Sergeant beloved Wife of the above who Died 24th April 1947 Aged 94 years "Reunited" C

Sydney Sharp

In Loving Memory of Ellen Sharp Died 10th October 1945 Aged 56 years Also Sydney G Sharp Son of the above Died On Active Service in Algiers 1st May 1943 Aged 35 years "Lead Kindly Light"

R Sisley

1895505 Sergeant REJ Sisley Air Gunner Royal Air Force 4th April 1944 Age 19 "Well Done Thou Good And Faithful Servant Enter Now Into Thy Rest"

C Skeer

13163 C SER JT Major CE Skeer Royal Garrison Artillery 10th May 1917 Age 41 C

Victor Skiggs

In loving memory of Edward Charles Skiggs who Died 22nd Jan 1928 Also Victor John Son of the above Killed In Action 12th July 1918 in his 21st year Interred Bully Grenay Cemetery France "As Thy Day So Shall Thy Strength Be" Also of Ruth Wife of the above who Died 16th August 1930 Aged 89 years "At Rest" SA

Herbert Small

In ever loving memory of Allan Herbert Small Died 19th March 1980 Aged 46 years Beloved Son of Gladys Mabel Small Died 26th August 1987 Aged 79 years Dearest Wife of Herbert HA Small RN Killed In Action HMS Kelly 23rd May 1941 "Now Together"

Ellen Smith

Ellen Irene Smith Killed By Enemy Action 25th November 1944 at New Cross Aged 19 years Daughter of Basil Cyril Smith Died 14th June 1973 Aged 74 years Husband of (Additional Stone) Pretoria Mary May Smith Passed away 13th July 83 Aged 82 years "God Has You In His Keeping We Have You In Our Hearts" SM

John Smith

In loving memory of a dear Husband John W Smith Killed In Action 8th April 1917 Aged 40 years Also Henry P Smith third Son of the above Died 2nd April 1916 Aged 10 years Also of John W Smith eldest Son of the above Died 25th January 1925 Aged 22 years "At Rest" C

Sydney Smith

In loving memory of a dear Son & Brother Sidney Thomas Kirkby Died through Enemy Action 25th October 1940 Aged 40 Also Sydney George Smith (Chubb) Nephew of the above Accidentally Drowned HMS Sussex 9th August 1940 Aged 18 "Lovely And Pleasant In Their Lives And In Their Death Not Far Divided" EL

Percy Sneller

In loving memory of Percy William Sneller passed over 23rd March 1942 Aged 60 years "Greater Love Hath No Man" Also of his Wife Alice Amy Kate Died 27th June 1978 Aged 94 years C

Thomas Spain

In ever loving memory of my dear Husband Thomas Edward Spain who Died in France on 31st October 1916 Aged 30 years "The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended" Also of Hannah Jane Spain, Mother of the above who Died 15th June 1911 Aged 56 years Also of our dear Mother Harriet May who Died 11th October 1931 Aged 79 years "At Rest" SM

J Spratt

JT Spratt Able Seaman RN C/231625 HMS Merlin 29th September 1943 Age 56 In loving memory of dear Jim Who Gave His Life For His Country From His Wife" C

Rosalyn Staveley

In loving memory of my dear Wife Rosalyn Elizabeth Staveley who was Killed by Enemy Action 2nd September 1944 Age 60 C

Alexander and Harry Stevens

In loving memory of Alexander Walter who passed away 22nd Jan 1911 Aged 70 years "At Rest With The Lord" Also of Annie Daughter of the above who passed away 4th July 1893 Aged 25 years Interred at Verviers Belgium Also her two Sons Alexander and Harry Stevens Killed In Action in France Also Sarah Ann beloved wife of the above. Alexander Walter who passed peacefully away 11th January 1911 Aged 79 years "Peace Perfect Peace"

Edith Stoker

In sacred memory of Edith Mary second Daughter of George W and Annie L Stoker who Died from Enemy Action 19th March 1916 Aged 23 SJ

Charles and Horace Stokes

In loving memory of Annie Stokes who Died 11th October (illeg) years beloved Wife of Henry Stokes who Died (illeg) years Also of their two S Charles Killed near Ypres 3rd Feb 1915 Aged 23 years And Horace Died of Wounds at Rouen 17th April 1918 Aged 24 years

Rubina Streeter

In Loving Memory of Rubina Georgina Streeter Killed by Enemy Action 28th June 1943 Aged 11 years SM

Ruby Tallent

Ruby Tallent 1921-1940 SJ

R Thain

Flying Officer RF Thain Pilot Royal Air Force 27th March 1943 "O for the touch of a vanished hand and of a voice that's still" C Adjoining Plot: In Loving Memory Of Frank Archibald Thain  Who Died August 2nd 1963 Aged 76 years

T Thomas

17406 Private TA Thomas Royal Fusiliers 26th May 1918 Age 43 "Death Divides But Memory Clings" C

William Tickner

In Loving Memory of Thomas Charles Tickner who died 1st June 1905 Age 55 years "Peace Perfect Peace" Also Elizabeth Wife of the above who died 7th January 1930 Age 75 years "At rest" Also of William John dearly loved Son of above Lost At Sea on HMTS Alert 24th February 1945 Age 51 years< "Thy will be done" SM

C Vigor

17289 Private CJ Vigor 7th Bn. Canadian Inf. 13th January 1921 Age 30 SM

Christopher Wade

In Memory Of Christopher Wade Killed By Enemy Action 12th September 1944 Aged 78 Years SJ

Leslie Wakerell

Left Kirbstone: (illeg) Right kerbstone: Also of a beloved Wife and a dear Mum Maud Wakerell who passed away 11th September 1977 Aged 84 years Base kerbstone: Also loving Son and Brother Sgt Leslie Wakerell RAF Killed in Belgium 31st August 1943 Aged 20 years "They miss them most who loved them best" C

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