war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Memorial One


Memorial Two

Henry Morris

Henry Morris, known as Bobby,  served with the Fleet Air Arm.

Bobby and Elsie

Above is Bobby with his sister, Elsie May.   He had three days shore leave from 2 June 1941. His 21st birthday was the next day, and the family remember the enjoyable time they had together. They gave him a new engraved wristwatch to mark his coming of age.

Right, Bobby, believed to be at Langdon Cliffs. Left, aboard the Ark Royal.

Bobby was recalled urgently from his leave, to return to the Ark Royal.

Henry Morris
Bobby on Ark Royal Bobby

Just a week later, on 11 June 1941, Bobby was lost in a mid-air collision over the sea near Spithead.


Two other officers also lost their lives; Terence O'Donovan and John Rooper. The telegram states that recovery had been impossible and that a memorial service would be held at St Faith's, Lee-on-Solent, on 6 June 1941

awaiting the unveiling

The Lee-on-Solent Memorial commemorates nearly 2,000 men from the Fleet Air Arm who have no known grave. It was unveiled on 30th May 1953 by the Duchess of Kent (below, left)


Above are Bobby's sister and great nephew at the Memorial. The family have placed on the photograph the crest from the Ark Royal notepaper, in tribute to Sub Lieutenant Morris


Duchess of Kent at the unveiling

pictures by courtesy of Henry's nephew, John Bones
John was born 11 weeks after the loss of his Uncle Bobby

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