war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes



Honourable Artillery Company.
Name - Sidney Herbert Barnard.
Address - 157, Folkestone Road, Dover.
Apparent age 30 years -11 months.
Considered fit 2nd July 1915 at Armoury House, Finsbury.
Widow of soldier None.
Father of soldier None.
Mother of soldier Martha Rosina Barnard, 157 Folkestone Road, Dover.
Brothers of soldier.
John Maurice Barnard age 42 Temple Ewell, Dover.
Edward Blake Barnard age 41 54, St. Dustan's, Canterbury.
Frederick James Barnard age 39 40, Ospringe Road, Faversham.
Charles Barnard age 38 Wakefield? Ramsgate.
Ernest Percival Barnard age 37 58, Newcombe Road, Southampton.
Stanley Barnard age 28 1 Fairfield Road,  M?
Sisters of soldier.
Beatrice Rose Barnard age 21 157, Folkestone Road.
Name and address of next of kin - Mrs Barnard 157, Folkestone Road, Dover.
Campaigns Home Expeditionary Force (France)
21-7-15 --- 9-11-15.
10-11-15 --- 13-11-16.
Casualty Form Active Service.
Regt. Number 4074 Rank Pte.
Name Barnard Sidney Herbert.
Enlisted 21-7-15 terms of service 4 years.
W in A In the field 13/151116.
Wounded and missing In the field 13/15-11-16.
Regarded for official purposes as having died on or since 13/15-11-16.


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