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Index to Notes on Service Records

Joyce Banks has been making notes from the service records of our Great War casualties. These will eventually be incorporated into the main entries for our Fallen. In order, however, that the information is available as soon as possible we are creating temporary pages for the notes. Casualties for whom there are notes are listed below

Joyce has also been making notes from de Ruvigny's Roll of Honour. There are five pages of notes, for casualties with surnames from A to W. Please contact us to enquire about an individual casualty.

As always, we offer our very grateful thanks to Joyce for her untiring work in memory of our Fallen. If you have anything further to add to these notes, please do let us know 

Adley, S
Ahearn, H
Allen, S
Allery, HT
Ashman, FR

Bailey, B
Baker, GF
Bamford, WH
Banks, A
Banks, FW
Barber, GJ
Barnard, SH
Barton, H
Barton, C
Bates, G
Bean, AJ
Bellew, L
Belsey, A
Bissenden, AJ
Bland, ET
Bland, J
Blundell, CP
Boakes, T
Booker, B
Bonner, W
Borrow, A
Bowlt, B
Bowman, WE
Brace, AW
Brand, B
Brewer, A
Brightmore, H
Burr, S

Corteen, W (and brother)
Carey, W
Carlin, J
Carpenter, AD
Casey, HT
Castle, E
Cathcart, EW
Causer, J and E
Chaddock, EV
Chandler, F
Cheeseman, H
Chidwick, JT
Clarke, AR
Clifford, JC
Clifton, JE
Collins, CH
Cook, W
Cooke, F
Cork, H
Court, B
Court, W
Cowell, A
Cramp, WH
Crepin CJ
Dadds, L
Davis, FE
Denne, RK
Drew, E
Duncan, A
Durban, A
Dyer, HMA,AS
Easterfield, AE (brother of George)
Ellender, R
Evans, SV
Evanson, RM
Everett, COB

Farrett, E
Finn, TG

Fogg, AF
Franklin, T
Friend, G
Friend, W
Fuller, WE
Fyrth, A (and father)

Gage, AG (brother of Wilfred)
Gates, F (brother of Horace)
Glayzer, F
Gleeson, A

Godfrey, C
Green, R

Hare, H, GH, (father and brother of A)
Hampton, A
Hardeman, CJ
Hardy, PE
Harris, AV
Hayward, W
Hearson, G
Heron, AE
Hewes, T
Hobbs, R

Hogben, J
Holderness, H
Hooker,G and J
Hopper, G
Howell, R
I, J
Kendall, AC
King, ET

Knott, TJ
Laslett, WSB
Lewis, EC
Linklett, G
Logsdail, J (Cawte?)
Marsh, CR
Marsh, J
Marsh, G
Martin, R
Massie, E
May, W
McNeir, G
Medhurst, JA
Metcalfe, JW
Mickle, FW
Mills, RG
Moat, AE
Morrison, RG
Moss, B
Nash, JR
Neill, C (and father)

Newland, FT
Newman, JW
Newman, PC
Nowers, LFF
Orpin, HW
Osborne, TA
Page, E
Pain, AT
Palmer, T
Parker, GWG
Parsons, R
Parsons, S
Parsons, W
Parsons, WH
Pascall, W
Pearce, G
Philpott, WJ
Phipps, EA
Phipps, JW
Pierce, ACH
Pilcher, G
Pott, D (father)
Powell, RG
Priest, AH
Q ,R
Reader, R
Richardson, CW
Rigden, G
Roberts, AG
Roberts, I
Rogers, G
Sambrook, CDJ
Sarsons, JAG
Saunders, JB
Savage, F
Sedgwick, EC
Simmonds, GH
Smith, TJ
Sole, EW
Sole, H
Sole, WHD
Spain, TE
Stamp. C
Stanbridge, R
Stanley, LG
Stevens, A
Streat, C
Stubbs, WC
Taylor, J
Terry, SJ
Thorner, ER
Tierney, M
Tiltman, AV
U, V
Usherwood, HC
Vidler, AE
Vigus, H
W, X
Wall, F
Wall, FW
Walter, EJ
Watts, AH
Wellard, GJ
Webb, PGD
Wells AJ
Wicks, AG
Willson, AJ
Wilshire, CE
Wilson, HP
Wells, A (probably brother of Ernest)
Y, Z

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