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Service Record Notes


Probably brother of Ernest
Army Reserve.

Attestation Of
No. 9773 - Arthur Wells – Corps – The Buffs. 
Arthur Wells
Buckland, Dover, Kent.
Age 17 years – 7 Months.
Occupation – Porter.
(That’s all on his reserve papers)
Became non- effective by enlisting into the regular army – 16 February 1911.
Short Service.
Attestation Of
No. 9498 – Arthur Wells – Corps – The Buffs.
Arthur Wells.
Buckland, Dover, Kent.
Age 18 years – 2 months.
Previously served 3rd Batt. The Buffs.
Enlisted - 16-2-1911 at Canterbury.
Joined at Dublin – 25-2-11.
The Buffs 1st – attested and posted Pte – 16-2-11.
2nd. Posted - Pte. 11-1-13.
Killed in action – Pte. 25-2-15.
Home 16-2-11 to 10-1- 13.
India 11-1-13 to 15-11-13.
Home 16-11-14 to 16-1-15.
B.E. Force 17-1-15 to 25-2-15.
Army school and other certificates of education—
3rd Class (Special Res.)
2nd Class 20-1-11.
Good conduct badge 1st.  - 12-10-14.
Next of kin –
Brother William, elder – 1, Brookfield Avenue, Dover, Kent.
Brother Alfred, elder – address as above.
Brother Ernest, younger, as above
L/9498 – Pte. Arthur Wells – 2nd Btn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) deceased.
Widow of soldier – none.
Children – none.
Father deceased.
Mother deceased.
Brother - W. J. Wells, married, age 36 – at present on demob leave, 1, Brookfield Place, Dover.
S. K. Wells, eldest, age 34, 1, Brookfield Avenue, Dover.
Mrs Rawlings, age 32 Stamshaw (?) Portsmouth

possibly brother of Ernest Well, casualty
To Mr William Joseph Wells,
1, Brookfield Place, Dover.
Sir, a notification has been received from the War Office stating you are entitled to receive the 1914-15 medals awarded to the late No. L/9498 – Rank Pte. Name Arthur Wells, “The Buffs” (East Kent Regiment).
Will you therefore kindly enter the address to which you wish this decoration to be sent in the space provided below and return to this Office, when the same will be forwarded by registered post.
Yours faithfully,
Bt. Lt-Col.
Sir, I wish the decoration mentioned above to be forwarded to Miss S. K. Wells, 82, Buckland Avenue, Dover, Kent.  
82, Buckland Avenue,
Buckland Dover, Kent.
To officer i/c.
Sir, I Miss S. K. Wells have signed enclosed form. I as next of kin of the late Private Arthur Wells filled in the paper to receive same. As I had brought my brother up. I drew his allotment and was paid all moneys etc.
S. K. Wells.
Late of 1, Brookfield Place, Dover.
Miss S. K. Wells,
82, Buckland Avenue,
I answer to your letter dated 20th instant, I regret to inform you that I am unable to comply with your request, respecting medal awarded in respect of No. L/9498, Pte. A. Wells, The Buffs, East Kent Regiment, definite instructions regarding the disposal of same having been received from the War Office.
Yours faithfully,
Bt. Lt-Col for Infantry Record Office.
23rd July 1920.
Miss S. K. Wells,
82, Buckland Avenue Dover.
I am in receipt of your letter dated 8th instant, and would be glad if you will be good enough to furnish me with the latest known address of Mr. William Joseph Wells, late 1, Brookfield Place, Dover.
Yours faithfully,
Infantry Record Office.
Hounslow 13/7/20.
82, Buckland Avenue.
Infantry Record Office.

Sir, my brother’s address is No. 3, MillAIs Road, Buckland, Dover. I cannot quite understand why the decorations due to my brother, the late Private A. Wells should not be given to me. I had brought him up for 17 years, and had taken the place of mother, having lost both parents. My eldest brother has been away from home for 5 years. I kept the home going as long as I could, but have now had to go into service. I should be glad to receive decorations.
S. K. Wells, late 1, Brookfield Place.

Address on a letter posted;
Mr. W. G. Wells, 1, Brookfield Place,
Buckland, Dover, Kent. 


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