war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Short Service.
No. 11903 Roberts. Isaac Royal Engineers.
Isaac Roberts.
11, Blutcher Street,
Age 46.
Occ. Iron Worker.
Next of kin Elizabeth Roberts, 11, Blutcher Street, Dover, Wife.
Particulars as to marriage.
Elizabeth Herriott, spinster. Kent. 17th March 1900.
Nellie Maud, March 13, 1909, Dover.
William, November 20 1903. Kent.
Violet, May 7 1905, Kent.
Annie, June 23 1912. Kent.
Joined at Southampton 19/8/15.
Attested Pioneer, 17/815.
Embarked BEF, 22/8/15.
Transferred, 29/9/15.
Home 12/8/15 to 21/8/15.
BEF. 22/8/15 to 28/9/15.
Home 29/9/15 to 30/1/16.
Ad. To Pension - 10/2/16.
Rank - Pioneer. No. 111903.
Isaac Roberts Royal Engineers.
Date of discharge 30/1/16.
Age on commencement 46.
Trade Iron Worker.
Address 15, Chapel Place, Dover.
Character Good.
Place of birth Wilton Hill, Middlesex.
Date on enlistment 17/8/15. Place London.
Report of Medical Board. 23/11/15.
Cause of Discharge, Myocardial Disease.
Originated at Dover April 1915. Sent to hospital at Rouen for 11 days. On first cause to 3rd London Hospital.
Has had severe symptoms of cardiac disability, palpitations, irregular actions.  Aggravated by active service strain. Permanent.
Letter from wife stating the man died 9/5/16.
Isaac Robert, Deceased.
Widow of soldier, Elizabeth Roberts, 3, Portland Place, Dover.
Isaac E. Roberts, 20 May 1902.
William Henry, 20 November 1903.
Violet Roberts, 7 May 1905.
Nellie Maud, 13, March 1909.
Annie Barbara, 25 June 1912.
Father, John Roberts, deceased.
Mother, Louisa Roberts, deceased.
No brothers or sisters.

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