war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Document torn

Attestation of
---- Godfrey Charles William Corps ---
Name Charles William Godfrey
Address 6, Empire Terrace, College Rd. Margate.
Age 31 years 47 days.
Trade Nurseryman Manager.
Fit for service in the field at home or abroad.
Next of kin Mrs E. K. Godfrey, 6 Empire Terrace, College Rd. Margate Wife.
Christian name and Surname of woman to whom married.
Edith Kate Knott Spinster Christ Church nr. Dover - 18 Aug 1909 6 Empire Terrace, College Road, Margate.
Particulars as to children.
Thomas Charles 28 May 1915. Margate Kent.
Casualty Form Active Service.
Attested at Margate 2/12/15. Private.
To Army Reserve 3/12/15.
Mobilized 12/9/16.
Posted No. 1 depot R.G.A. Dover 12/9/16.
Posted 47 Coy. 7/10/16.
Posted 288 Sge. Battery 2/11/16.
Embarked Folkestone 4/4/17.
Disembarked Bolougne 4/4/17.
Killed in action In the Field 20/6/17.
Campaigns Home 12/9/16 to 4/4/17. BEF France 5/4/17 to 20/6/17.
Wounded - killed in action France 20/6/17 - Gunner. 20/6/17.
Buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery.
I am directed to forward the under marked articles of private property
2 discs.
Gunner C. Godfrey deceased.
Widow of soldier Edith Kate Godfrey 6 Empire Terrace College Rd, Margate.
Children of soldier Thomas Charles Godfrey 28th August 1915. Address as above.
Father Henry Godfrey Cowgate Hill Cemetery, Dover.
Mother Mary Ann Godfrey address as above.
Brothers none.
Edith Godfrey age 32 Cowgate Hill Cemetery.
Hilda Godfrey age 22 as above.
Ada Vorsden? White age 29 Grovener? Rd. Norwood.
 Killed in action In the Field 20/6/17.


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