war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Pension Record.

153621 Gunner.
Unit 25th Fire Command - RGA.
Date of discharge - 23/10/19.
21, Tower Hamlets Street, Dover.
Casualty Form - Active Service.
Age of joining - 34 years.
Enlisted 2/4/17.
Occupation - Fishmonger, in training for himself.
Called up for service - Dover - 2/4/17.
Posted 2/4/17.
Posted siege Artillery Centre - 19/4/17

Had VDH, three months after joining the Army, which he said was brought on by training; he had to be put in light duties subsequently. He had had rheumatic fever a year before joining up
Next of kin - Maria Sarah Pascall (wife) 21, Tower Hamlets Street, Dover.
Married 9th May 1909.
Absorbed? Into No. 21 Pembrokeshire Fire Command - 15/5/18.
25th Fire Command - Discharged Gnr. 23/10/18. No longer physically fir for War service.


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