war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Charles Percival Blundell.
Parish of Dover.
Age - 20 years – 3 months.
Trade – Bricklayer.
Considered fit – November 12/1907.
At Dover Castle.
Casualty Form – Active Service.
Regt. – Royal Engineers.
No. 16936.
2nd Corporal.
C. P. Blundell.
Died at No. 2 General Hospital 8/11/15 of wounds.
Father of soldier – Charles Blundell – Deceased.
Mother of soldier – Susannah Blundell – 16, Kimberley Terrace, Douglas Road, Dover.
Brothers of soldier ---
Frank Charles Blundell – age 38 – 16, Kimberley Terrace, Douglas Road, Dover.
Henry Arthur Blundell – age 29 – Police Section House – Borough High Street --?
Sydney Herbert Blundell – age 27 – “The Buffs” Convalescent Camp, Eastbourne.
Sisters of soldier ---
Margaret Lucy Blundell – age 33 – 16 Kimberley Terrace, Douglas Road, Dover.
Dorothy May Blundell – age 25 – 16 Kimberley Terrace, Douglas Road, Dover.
16, Kimberley Terrace
Douglas Road
To the officer in charge of R.E. records, Chatham.
I have had no reply to my letter of July 9th as to any personal belongings of my son, the late C. P. Blundell 16936 R.E. who died at the No. 2 General Hospital Havre? On November 8th 1915.
I was directed by the War Office to apply. Will you please oblige as we are closing his affairs.
Yours truly
Susannah Blundell.
Memorandum for the Officer in charge of Royal Engineers Records, Chatham.
Will you please note that any personal property now in your possession or subsequently received by you belonging to the late No. 16936, Cpl. Charles Blundell, 54th Coy. R.E. should be despatched to:-
Mrs Susannah Blundell
16, Kimberley Terrace,
Douglas Road ,
Dover , Kent .
No medal.
No. 16936 C. P. Blundell.
Trade and Special Qualifications
Bricklayer – Skilled – 14/8/08.
Subsequent Entries.
Bricklayer – Superior – 19/8/09.
Telephonist – Fair – 14/1/10.

Bricklayer – Very Superior – 19/10/11.


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