war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Territorial Force.
4, Years with the Colours.
 No. 2970 – Saunders Leonard – Corps. 2nd H. C. F. A. (Reserve)
Leonard Saunders.
9, Jubilee Cottages,
Primrose Road, Dover.
2nd H.C.F.A. Reserve – Embodied – Pte. – 8/12/14.
Mobile Dental Unit.
Died from pneumonia following influenza, at No. 62 Casualty Clearing Station, France. Private – 12/12/1918.
With reference to the death of the late No. 495345, Pte. L. Saunders, R.A.M.C. on the 12/12/18 from pneumonia following influenza; it is notified for your information the O.C. CCS, has submitted a report 23/12/18 which reads as follows;
“Certified that the above mentioned man died from disease contracted on, and due to Active service conditions."
Regt – R.A.M.C. T. F. No. 495345 – Pte. L. Saunders - 12/12/18 deceased.
Father – Alfred Saunders, 9, Jubilee Cottages, Primrose Road, Buckland.
Mother – Ann Sarah – address as above.
Brothers – none.
Sister – Ada Ivy Kate Saunders, age 7, address as above.
Age on enlistment – 18 years – 3 months.
Qualification – Dental Mechanic.
Admitted to  6 C.C.S. influenza – 24/11/18.
Home 8/12/14 to 23/1/17.
B.E.F. France 24/1/17 to 12/12/1918.
He was considered fit 14/14/1914 at Slough.

No. 2970 – Saunders Leonard – Corps. 2nd H. C. F. A. (Reserve)

Effects returned ---

2 Franc Notes, 2, 25 Cent notes, 6 Coins, 2 Books, 2 Books of views? Wallet,  Photos, Letters, Dictionary, Ink Holder, Chain, Knife, Fork and Spoon, Shaving Stick, Shaving Brush, Safety Razor, Watch, Fountain Pen, Scissors, Testament, 2 Metal Rings, 1 Purse, Knife, 1 Pair Field Glasses.

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