war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Record of Service.
No. 8089 – Harry Holderness – R. Innis Fus.
79, Gifford Street, Deptford, S.E.
Age 34 years – 1 month.
Trade Labourer.
Birthplace – Folkestone.
Posted – Rifleman 6/10/16.
Absent without leave – 26/12/16.
Re-joined 2/2/17.
Sentenced to 56 days detention 16/2/17.
Posted rifleman – April 14th 1917.
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers – Transferred 5/5/17.
Killed in Action – (France) 14/10/18.
Home 6/10/16 to 4/4/17.
Expd Force 15/4/17 to 14/10/18.
Regt No. 43879.
Next of kin – Wife – Gertrude, 31, Crossfield Street, Deptford, S.E.
(In the documents are letters, unable to read, some are addressed to Mrs Lucy Holderness, others Mrs G.
A marriage, December quarter 1916, of Holderness. Harry and Lacey. Lucy G. at Greenwich.)  
Religion – Roman Catholic.
29/7/1917 – Wounded in action – Gas.
Effects returned, not easy to read all  – Cap badges, Cross, Photo’s, Cards, Letters, 4 Bluebars & Religious book.
Re 59425H. Holderness H, sentenced to 56 days detention, Please inform me the amount of remission of the above sentence and authority for same. Kindly also publish in (Draft Book?)
21 April 1917. Although this man was brought back from the Detention Barracks, Gosport, before the expiration of his sentence for the exclusion in the Draft, he did not proceed overseas until the day after his sentence had terminated. There is therefore no remission to ------ through orders.
To the Record Office.
Sir, thank you very much for your kindness in informing me of the death of  my husband Private H Holderness 4.3879. It was a great blow to me all the greater because we have been brought up from childhood together. Will you extend your kindness a little more and tell me … if any letters or photos may have been found upon my husband … in support of my claim to a pension once more thanking you for your kindness I remain yours sincerely, (a little difficult to read)

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