war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Pension Record 
Born abt. 1897.
Age on enlistment. 18 years.
Residence. 4, Alexander Place, Dover.
Short Service.
Attestation of
 No. 336680 -Cramp Walter Herbert - West Riding Regt.
Age - 18 years 36 days.
Occupation - Pony Driver, Snowdon Colliery.
Next of kin - Louis Cramp -4, Alexander Place, Dover. - Father.
(On this page Rgtl. Nos 24635 and 33680 are crossed out)
Attested Pte 10/12/15.
To Army reserve - 11/12/15.
Mobilised - 18/10/16.
Posted 18/10/16.
Posted to 4th R. Sussex Rgt. Pte. 1/1/18.
BEF Posted Pte. 25/4/18. Royal Sussex 8th. Pte. 26/4/18.
West Riding Regt. Transferred Pte.
Depot. Posted 31/7/18.
Home 31/7/18 to 12/5/19.
Taken ill in France, June 1918, hospital ion July 11th, operation the same day. Was in hospital in France then sent home to England where he had remained in hospital. Discharged no longer physically fit for war service 12/5/1919.

Appendicitis, scar discharging for the previous six months. He may also have had pulmonary tuberculosis, not caused by military service
Casualty Form - Active Service.
Rank - Pte - West Riding Regt.
3rd Aus CCS admitted Re appendicitis - Field - 11/7/18.
3rd Aus CCS admitted - Field - 18/7/18.
1/8/1918 - Admitted - Calais.
3/8/1918. To England per Q2 Princess Elizabeth.


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