war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Short Service.
(Three years with the Colours)
Attestation of
No. 460. Name Gilbert Hopper. Corps. The Buffs.
Name Gilbert Hopper.
Parish. East Peckham.
Town. Tonbridge, Kent.
Age. 28 years 195 days.
Trade. Carman.
In lodgings.
Enlisted at Dover.
Woman to whom married.
Annie Edith Martin (Spinster) – 27/3/10 at Dover.
Particulars of children.
Rose Hopper 11/8/10.
Gilbert Hopper 13/9/12.
Wounded – GSW face – 10/10/15.
Campaign – BEF France 1/6/15 to 10/3/16.
Killed in action – Field – 10/3/16.
Mr B. Clark,
20, Kimberley Terrace,
Tower Hamlets,
Re, No G/460. Cpl Hopper. The Buffs.
Dear Sir,
Army form W 5080, in respect of the Plaque and Scroll for the above name NCO was addressed to the late soldier’s widow, Mrs A. E. Moss, 34, Bower Street, Maidstone, Kent.
As this form was completed and returned by you, will you kindly inform me if the widow is still living, and if so, her present address.
Kindly treat as urgent.
B. Clark,
79, South Road,
Tower Hamlets,
Dear Sir,
In answer to your letter dated 12/7/22, Re. Plaque and Scrolls. I beg to inform you that Mrs Moss is still living also the address is as stated, 34, Bower Street, Maidstone, Kent.
Thanking you for the interest you have taken to obtain the same for her.
I remain yours truly,
B. Clark.
G/460. Cpl. Hopper Gilbert deceased.
Widow – Mrs A. E. Moss (nee Hopper) 34 Bower Street, Maidstone, Kent.
Children –
Rosie Hopper 1/8/10.
Gilbert Hopper 13/9/12.
Father – Henry Hopper – 28 Noahs Ark Road, Dover.
Mother – Elizabeth Hopper – as above.
Brothers –
George Hopper - age 45. 26, Clarendon Street, Dover.
Robert Hopper – age 33. 6, Tate Road, Silvertown, E. 16.
Walter Hopper – age 30. 4, Glenister Street, Woolwich.
Sisters –
Annie Moat – age 42. 6 Tate Road, Silvertown, E. 16.
Minnie Clark – age 37. 20 Kimberley Terrace, Dover.
Ethel Hopper – age 28. 28, Noahs Ark Terrace, Dover


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