war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Born abt. 1889.
Born Dover, Kent.
Regt. No. 42417.
Short Service.
(Three years with the Colours)
Attestation of
Regt. No. 42417. Bartholomew Bowlt – Royal Engineers – Sapper.
Parish - Dover, Kent.
Age - 25 years – 22 days.
Trade - Boilermaker.
Have you ever served in the Navy, The Army, The Royal Marines, if so, which? – No.
Statement of Services of No. 42417. Bartholomew Bowlt.
Enlisted at Woolwich 31/8/14.
Attested Sapper 31/8/14.
Boilermaker Skilled 31/8/14.
Discharged on Medical Grounds – not being likely to become an efficient soldier.  Date 14/11/14.
Name and address of next of kin – Father, 59   -------- Rd. near Woolwich.
Bartholomew Bowlt.
Born abt. 1899.
Age 25,
Residence, Bargehouse Road, North Woolwich.
Regt. No. 53622.
Short Service.
(Duration of the War)
Attestation of
Regt. No. 53622. Bartholomew Bowlt. R.A. R.F.A.
Name Bartholomew Bowlt.
Address – 59, Bargehouse Road, North Woolwich.
Age 25 years - 100 days.
Trade – Boilermaker.
Have you ever served in any branch of His Majesty’s forces, if so, which? – No.
Descriptive Report on Enlistment.
Name Bartholomew Bowlt.
Age 25 years – 100 days.
Distinctive marks – Tattooing arms, forearms and sailing ship on chest.
Information Supplied by Recruit.
Next of kin – William, 5, York Place, Dover, Kent. Relationship - Father.
Joined at Woolwich 19/11/14.
Attested and Posted – 18/11/14.
Posted 30/11/14.
Discharged – 20/1/15.
Joined on enlistment 4 Depot R.F.A. Regt. No. 53622
Became non-effective by being discharged – “Misconduct” on 20 January 1915.
Cause of objection to be fully stated here.
The man is very inefficient, takes no interest in his work, and is never likely to become a good soldier.
Discharge approved. 19/1/15.

Note: Bartholomew appears to have enlisted twice, being discharged both times, and then to have taken up work with the Mercantile Marine, where he met his death.


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