war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Army Reserves (Special Reservists).
6 Years Service.
Attestation of
No. 10607 Charles Neill The Buffs.
Charles Neill,
Lydd, Kent.
Age 18 years 85 days.
Occ. Butchers Assistant.
Employed by F. C. Gillman, Clarendon Street, Dover.
Enlisted 15th April 1914 at Dover.
Next of kin.
Father James Neill, 9, Westbury Road, Dover, Kent.
Mother, Amelia, address as above.
Brother, elder, George Neill, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Brother, elder, Stanley Neill, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Brother, younger, William Neill, Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery.
Brother, younger, John Neill, 9, Westbury Road, Dover.
Certificates of education.
3rd Class 20/5/14.
2nd Class 25/7/14.
3 The Buffs D. Attested Pte. 15/4/14.
The Buffs 1st Posted Pte. 6/3/15.
The Buffs 1st Missing, Pte. 18/3/17.
Home 15/4/14 to 6/3/15.
B.E. Force 7/3/15 to 30/11/18.
Died from influenza whilst a prisoner of war in Delmenhorst Hospital, Oldenburg, between 1/11/18 and 30/11/18.
18th September 1920.
Re. 10607 Private C. Neill 1st Battalion East Kent Regiment. 
Your letter dated the 15th inst. duly received, and the same has been passed to Officer Commanding Depot, The Buffs, Canterbury, for any action deemed necessary.
It has been requested that a careful search be made through the registers, with a view of discovering a description of whatever clothes were handed into Stores by your late son, who did not enlist in March as you state in your letter. He enlisted on the 15 April 1914.
If your son left his home to join up in March, and did not enlist until midway through April, it may well be that the clothes he left home in will not quite correspond with the description of those handed into Stores.
Yours faithfully.
1/c Infantry Record Office.
Father of soldier, James Henry Hale Neill, 9, Westbury Road, Dover.
Mother, Amelia Jane Neill, as above.
James George Hamlin Neill, age 29, Met. Police, Streatham.
Stanley Hale Neill, age 25, Lieut. R.A.
William Percy Neill, age 21, 71 Battery R.F.A.
John Neill, age 18, with parents.
Frederick Neill, age 14, with parents.
Margaret Annies, age 28, married, Whitfield, nr. Dover.
Ethel May Winch, age 20, married, 86, Hunton Street?????
Amy Mildred, age 17, with parents.
Maud Amelia, age 11, as above.
Mary, age 7, as above.
And their father -----
Short Service.
No. 6202. James Neill, The Buffs, East Kent Regiment.
James Neill,
9, Westbury Road, Dover.
Age 50 years 1 month.
Occ. Clerk.
Next of kin Amelia Jane Neill, 9, Westbury Road, Dover, Wife.
Particulars as to marriage.
Amelia Jane Hamblin Spinster Ealing. W. 21st May 1899.
Ethel May Winch, 31st????? 1899, Lydd.
John Cecil, 8th December 1901. Lydd.
Amy Mildred, 3rd March 1904. Lydd.
Frederick Herbert, 20th September 1906. Lydd.
Maud Amelia 25th March 1909. Dover.
Mary, 14th November 1912. Dover.
I resign my employment as clerk in the Royal Garrison Artillery Record Office, Dover, on re-enlistment 24th April 1915.
East Kent Regt. Attested Pte. 25/4/15.
Home 25/4/15 to 30/4/20.
Rank - Acting Staff Quarter Master Sergeant.
Appointed Deputy Superintendent Clerk, with rank of a A/S.Q.M.S.
Enlisted 25/4/15.


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