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Service Record Notes


Short Service.(tricky to read)

Attestation Of
No. 9985 - Ernest Charles Sedgwick - The Buffs.
Ernest Charles Sedgwick.
Buckland, Dover.
Age 18 years - 1 month.
Occ. Outdoor Shop Porter.
Enlisted 21 October 1912 at Dover.
Joined at Canterbury 27/10/12.
Royal West Kent Regt - Attested Pte. 27/10/12.
The Buffs - Transferred??
Killed in action 28/9/15.
Will you please note all articles of private property to be sent to
Mrs G. Sedgwick.
7, North View Villas,
Clement Street,
Swanley, Kent.

He had several days confinement to camp or barracks for infringements in what appears to be a tricky time:
on 20 October 1913 he left camp without permission
on 2 December he was dirty on parade at 7.30am
on 4 December he was absent from parade at 8 am, though not a defaulter
on 14 February 1914 he entered an institute without permission whilst on parade
on 25 February he used obscene language to an NCO.

He also had a couple of bouts of illness: on 1 to 28 April 1913 he was admitted to hospital having had "a fit fo some description" in the barracks, but no more were observed during his stay in the hospital, and on 29 April to 9 May 1913 he returning "complaining of headaches" and was again observed but no disease detected.
(undated) I desire to be transferred from the Royal West Kent Regimen to The Buffs.
E. C. Sedgwick.
Hounslow 10/11/14.
Forwarded for your information and return please. This man should be ordered to rejoin the 3rd Bt. The Buffs, as he is residing at Dover.
Colonel i/c Infantry Records, Hounslow.
Glasgow. 7th November 1914. To the officer i/c of records, Hounslow.
Sir, No. 9885 - Pte E. Sedgwick - 1st East Kent will be discharged from this hospital on sick furlough on 11/11/14. He has been ordered to report himself at his depot 2/12/14. His home address is 61, East Cliff, Dover, Kent.
L/ 9885 - Pte. Sedgwick Ernest Charles deceased.
Father Joseph Thomas deceased.
Mother ?? 3, Kings Gardens, Dover Kent.
Frank Sedgwick, 3, Kings Gardens, Dover, Kent.
Ronald - as above.
Roy as above.
?? as above.
Alec Sedgwick - 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Chris .3, Kings Gardens, Dover Kent.
Doris Sedgwick, 3, Kings Gardens, Dover.
Ettie as above.
Queenie as above.
Phyllis as above.
Signed by Sedgwick A. brother, 1st Irish Fusiliers, Mesopotamia Forces, 3rd October 1920.
On a separate  page - No. 33838 - Pte A. Sedgwick - 2nd Batn Royal Irish Fusiliers, Grand Shaft Barracks, Dover.
Kings Gardens is situated in London Road, between number 36 and 38, and only three properties.


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