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Service Record Notes


Territorial Force.

Attestation of
G/13588 – Thomas Alfred Osborn – 4th (R) Battalion, The Buffs.
Thomas Alfred Osborn.
Buckland, Dover.
Age 17 years – 2 months.
Occ. Wheelwright.
Enlisted 9th November 1914 at Dover.
Next of kin- Thomas Alfred Osborn, 40, Oswald Road, Dover. (Father)
Joined at Canterbury 9th November 1914.
The Buffs 2/4 Attested Pte. 9/11/14.
The Buffs 4th (Res) Posted Pte. 9/11/16.
The Buffs 3rd Posted Pte. 29/12/16.
6th Posted Pte. 30/12/16.
D. Posted Pte. 27/2/17.
The Buffs 1st Posted Pte. 8/2/18.
Home 9/11/14 to 29/12/16.
B.E.F. 30/12/16 to 26/2/17.
Home 27/2/17 to 7/6/17.
B.E.F. 8/6/17 to 28/5/18.
Home 29/5/18 to 1/9/18.
Wounded, g.s.w. back, left foot, right thigh, severe.  16/5/18
To Hospital - Sick, Field, 17/2/17.
112 F. Amb. Admitted- Quincy – Field – 17/2/17.
No. 13 General Hospital, to England per H.S. “St. Denis” (Quincy and IGT right heel) Boulogne 25/2/17. 
H. C.C.S. Admitted gun shot wound to back, foot and thigh 16/5/18.
Admitted 53 General Hospital, 25/5/18.
Transferred to England 29/5/18. 
Wounded 16/5/18. F.B. and many fragments of bone removed, incontinence of faeces and retention of urine. No loss of consciousness? or sensibility. Great sensitiveness of abdomen, hyperaesthesia.
Patient died 1/9/18. Gun shot wound back, right thigh and groin, paraplegia.  
Report of Death.
Regt. No. 13588 – Rank Pte. – Osborn Thomas – 1/East Kent Regiment – Age 20 – Religion - Cof E. – Disease GSW back, paraplegia - Time of Death - 10.45. a.m. 1/9/18. The King George Hospital, Stamford Street, S.E. 
Father of soldier – Thomas A. Osborn, 40 Oswald Road, Dover, Kent.
Mother – deceased.
Ethel C. Osborn, age 28, 40, Oswald Road, Dover, Kent.
Fanny Osborn, age 25, address as above.


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