war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Short Service (All Arms)
7 years with the Colours, and 5 years in the Reserve.
Attestation of
No. 9330 – William E. V. Chaddock.
Name. William Ernest Victor Chaddock.
Parish.  Newport, Wales.
Trade. Grocers Assistant.
Have you resided at your father’s house for three years – No.
Do you belong to the Army, Militia, Yes, 3rd Batt the Buffs.
Enlisted at Canterbury.
Joined at Aldershot 9/6/10.
The Buffs – First attested posted Private 7/6/10.
Appointed unpaid L/Cpl. 11/8/17.
Deprived of Lance.
Missing 21/3/18.
East Kent’s. Died from pneumonia in War Hospital Monastery whilst prisoner of war – Private – 23/7/18.
Home from 7/6/10 to 10/1/13.
India from 11/1/13 to 15/11/14.
Home from 16/11/14 to 16/1/15.
BEF Force France from 17/1/15 to 28/5/15.
B.E.F. 3/1/16 to 23/7/18.
3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth. Admitted 28/5/15 discharged 21/6/15. GSW ---? Thigh
Name and address of next of kin.
Father John 116, Buckland Avenue, Dover.
Mother Kate. Address as above.
Brother Henry. Ditto.
Brother Percy. Ditto.
(Buckland Ave. crossed out and Maycroft, Wimborne Rd. Poole inserted. This address appears on a couple of other things, it looks as though they moved there.)
Became non effective by having died from pneumonia whilst prisoner of war on 23rd July 1918.
Army Reserve.
6, Years Service.
No. 9643 – William Ernest V. Chaddock – The Buffs.
Parish, Bainswell, Newport, Monmouthshire.
Age 17 years 11 months.
Trade – Clerk.
Considered fit for the Army Reserve – 7/3/10. Place Dover.
Appointed for the East Kent Regt. Special Reserve.
Joined at Canterbury 9th March 1910.
The Buffs – Private.
Discharged in consequence on having enlisted into the Regular Army.
Next of kin.
Father – William John Chaddock, 116, Buckland Ave. Dover.
Brother Edward Hy. J. Chaddock, as above.
Brother Percival Sydney Chaddock, as above.
Territorial Force.
4, years service in the United Kingdom.
No. 695 – William Ernest Victor Chaddock.
Parish, Bainswell, Newport, Monmouthshire.
Age 17 years.
Trade – Clerk.
Employed by – Friend and Co.
Where do now reside – 116, Buckland Avenue, Dover.
Considered fit – 20th January 09. Place 1, St. Martins Place, Dover.
4th Batt. The Buffs.
Discharged in consequence of having joined 3rd Batt. The Buffs (Special Reserve)
Name and address of next of kin – Father, William John C. Craddock, 116, Buckland Ave. Dover.
War Office,
Finsbury Court,
Finsbury Pavement.
London E.C.2.
7th October 1918.
The officer in charge of W.C.II?, Record office Hounslow is informed that a report has been received from Commandant, Prisoners of War Camp, Parchim, and official German list D/23/20 of the death of No 9330, Private Chaddock --- The Buffs on 23/7/18, in War Hospital ----? from pneumonia. Buried Military Cemetery Denain --- This report has been accepted as sufficient evidence for official purposes.
9330 – Chaddock – 1st East Kent’s.
William John Chaddock age 53.
Kate Jane Chaddock age 50.
Edward Henry John Chaddock age 27.
Percival Sidney age 22.
Maycroft, Wimbourne Road, Poole, Dorset.


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