war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Attestation Of

No. 39016 – Pte. - Tiltman Arthur Viney – East Surrey Regiment.
Arthur Viney Tiltman.
3, Churchill Street, Dover.
Trade – Upholsters Apprentice.
Age 18 years – 96 days.
Next of kin – Mr Harry Tiltman, 3, Churchill Street, Dover – father.
Deemed to have been enlisted – Pte. 15-1-18, Canterbury.
Called up for service – Pte. 23-3-18.
E. Surrey. 5. Posted - Pte – 24-3-18.
East Surrey – BEF - Posted – Pte. – 22-8-18.
19th August 1918 – S. E. Surrey. To serve overseas - (Auth) Crowborough.
Killed in action – 20-10-18.
Father of soldier – Harry Viney Tiltman,
Mother – Gertrude Ellen Tiltman.
Frederick Tiltman, age 23.
Sidney Tiltman – age 18.
Gertrude Tiltman – age 21. (All at 3, Churchill Street, Dover – J.)
To the officer in charge of records, the particulars are as follows.
Name – Mrs G. Tiltman,
Address – 29, Cavendish Street, Ipswich, Suffolk.
Relationship – Mother.
3, Churchill Street, Dover.
Dear Sir,
I have been informed by the office commanding No. 10 Platoon, C. Company 1st East Surrey Regiment, that my son – No. 39016, Private A. V. Tiltman of the above unit was killed in France on the 20th October 1918.
I shall be glad if you will inform me whether any private property i.e. letters, watch, etc. has been received by you, and if not, to whom should an application be made for these articles, as I should prize them greatly in his memory.
Yours faithfully,
H. V. Tiltman.
(The above has been typed, the PS below is in handwriting)
I should also like to know how he came to be in the firing line after Lloyd George’s pledge as he would not have been 19 before next Xmas.
Mr A. V. Tiltman,
3, Churchill Street, Dover.
The late No 39016 – Pte. Arthur V. Tiltman – 1st Battalion Surrey Regiment.
In further reference to the postscript on you letter of the 3rd ult. regarding your son, the above named soldier, I am directed to inform you that the gravity of the Military situation in France necessitated all men in this country, who were available to reinforcements, being immediately sent overseas for duty on the firing line if required, and that was found necessary to include your son in this number. I am also to state that while fully sympathising with your points of view in the matter. It is hoped that you will realise that urgent and immediate requirements of the country at this point of necessity outweighed any personal consideration.
I am, Sir
Your obedient servant,
For Colonel i/c Infantry Record Office, Hounslow.
Private effects returned. Wallet, Fountain Pen, W.S. cards, Ring, Coins Purse, 1, stamp.


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