war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes



Army Reserve {Special Reservists)
One Years Service.
Attestation of -
8482 – Edward Walter Cathcart – 8 Dorset Rgt.
Name - Edward Walter Cathcart.
Born - Camberley, Surry.
Age - 22 years – 4 months.
Trade - Chauffeur.
Have you resided out of your Father’s house for three years – yes in lodgings.
Next of kin – (Father) Daniel David Cathcart. (Mother) Emily Agnes Cathcart.
(Brother) Alfred Francis Cathcart. Duke of York School, Brentwood.
Died of enteric fever at No. 14 Station Hospital Boulogne – L/Cpl. 13-4-15.
Your full name – Emily Agnes Cathcart.
Relationship to deceased – Mother.
Full address – 16, Ruskin Avenue, Manor Park, E.12.
Enlisted at Dover 29th September 1914.
Joined 3 Dorset Regt. 8424.
Became none-effective by – Died of enteric fever at No. 14 Station Hospital, Boulogne, France on 13th April 1915.
Casualty Form – Active Service.
Regt Dorset – 8482 – L/Corp. – Cathcart E.W.
13 Gnl H – Admitted – Enteric fever – Boulogne – 30-3-15.
Transferred to 14 Station – 31-3-15.
14 Sta H. Admitted Boulogne 31-3-15
14 Sta H. Died enteric fever - Boulogne – 13-4-15.
Dear Sir,
My dear son had bought me a piece of Belgium lace, also he took out a???? watch. I should be so grateful if it should be sent on, if I might have it.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours respectfully,
E. Cathcart.
I hereby acknowledge to have received the personal effects of the late (No) 8482 L/Cpl E. W. Cathcart, Dorset Regt. forwarded to me on the 19th July 1915, post cards. Letters. 2nd and 3rd class Certificates of Education.
Place, Duke of York’s R.M. School.
Emily Agnes Cathcart.
July 26th 1915.


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