war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Short Service.

Attestation of
No. G/ 861 George Pilcher The Buffs.
George Pilcher.
River, Dover,
Age 23 years 9 months.
Occ. Miner.
Next of kin, father, Jesse Pilcher, 5, Dublin Cottages, River, nr. Dover.
Mother Alice, address as above.
Brother Ron, address as above.
Enlisted 3/9/14 at Dover.
Joined at Canterbury 8/9/14.
Buffs D. attested Pte. 3/9/14.
3rd Posted Pte. 8/9/14.
1st Posted Pte. 1/4/15.
Home from 3/9/14 to 31/3/15.
Ex. Force France, from 1/4/15 to 8/5/17
The Buffs, killed in action, Pte. Field. 8/5/17.
Father of soldier, Jesse Pilcher, 5, Dublin Cottages, River, nr Dover.
Mother, Emily Jane. Address as above.
Dover Date 11/12/14 Pte.
Dover. Offence.
1. Breaking out of barracks and remaining absent until apprehended by the Military Police about 9.21 p.m.
2. Creating a disturbance in the town.
3. Using obscene language.
Punishment; 168 hrs F. P. No 2.
Drunk in Worthington Street, about 9.20 p.m.
Punishment 10 C.B. Forfeits (days pay) 
William John Pilcher, age 34.
Lo??? Jesse Pilcher, age 36.
Ernest Arthur, age 21.
All at 5, Dublin Cottages.
Lizzie Ann, age 32.
Nellie Gertrude, age 21.
Florrie Mary age 19.
Beatrice May, age 14.
All at 5, Dublin Cottages.
All personal effects to be despatched to Mr. Jesse Pilcher, 77, Snargate Street, Dover.
Effects  returned Letters, photos, pipe, book, cards, wallet, addresses, watch (metal, glass broken), cap badge, razors blades in box, gold ring (9ct) tobacco box and tobacco, cigarette case (containing cigarettes).


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