war memorial at dusk, photographed by Michelle Cooper

Service Record Notes


Edward Thomas King.
Age 27.
Born abt. 1888.
Army Service Corps.
Short Service (For the duration of the War)
Attestation of
M/2 055486 Edward Thomas King Army Service Corps.
Edward Thomas King.
26, Randolph Road, Dover.
Trade - Motor Lorry Driver.
Age 27 years.
Next of kin Clara Hilda King 26, Randolph Road, Dover. Wife.
Particulars as to marriage
Clara Hilda Husk July 11th 1912, Buckland, Kent.
Hilda Clara Ruth 11th September 1912, Dover.
Caroline Louisa May 21st June 1914, Dover.
Joined at Grove Park.
Attested Pte. 29/3/15.
Discharged Pte being no longer fit for war service 19/2/16.
Home 29/3/15 to 17/4/15
Ex. Force France 18/4/15 to 23/11/15.
Home 24/11/15 to 19/2/16.
Attestation of Regtl No. and Name. M/2 055486 Edward Thomas King.
Date 19/2/16.
In connection with - Discharge.
To whom sent - Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
Date sent 19/2/16.
Ministry of Pensions.
I am directed by the Minister of Pensions to inform you that the death of No. M2/ 055486, Pte. E. T. King is regarded as due to disease contracted or commencing on active service.
Army form No. B 104-76 should therefore be issued to Mrs King. Her address is 84, Union Street, Dover. This is crossed out and --) 133 --- Road --- Hastings.
Died 20/6/18.
With reference to M/2 055486 Pte Edward Thomas King. He proceeded to Brompton Hospital, Fulham, London on 21/2/16 for treatment as per instructions. W.O.L. Eastern.
Discharged 19/2/16 attributed to or aggravated by active service overseas with an Expeditionary Force. The disability WAS attributed to active service overseas.


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