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For safety, Raymond was evacuated to Wales, probably 17 Woodside Crescent, Ebbwvale. He soon returned, and, while working at the bank, became a member of the Dover (Hell's Corner) Spotters' Club. These were organisations to train members in the recognition of aircraft.

The subscription at Dover for those under 18 was 2s 6d, and for adults, 3s 6d. Raymond was member number 3, and at the first meeting on 6 August 1941 at the School of Art in Maison Dieu Road, was one of eight of the forty people present to gain 100% in his preliminary test.


The Competition Officer, Mr Ken Stoker, is giving a lesson on aircraft recognition to the lads at the Spotters' Club.  The tall gentleman on the right is Mr George Blackburn, whose premises the club later used. He owned sweetshops, one in the Market Square, which was destroyed by bombing during the Second World War,  and another, named "The Star", in Ladywell(?). It was the latter where the Club was held.

The government issued black plastic models to members to aid recognition; the lads also carved models from balsa wood. At Dover they created a small runway carrying a pram with a mirror in which were reflected the models, hanging from a bar; when the pram was moved the reflection in the mirror appeared as though the planes were flying towards the members. The picture above is from Illustrated, published on 22 January 1944.


Raymond was an enthusiastic member of the Spotters' Club



From an artistic family, Raymond spent much of his time sketching aircraft.



Raymond joined the RAFVR and became an air gunner.. Above are his insignia

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