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The Dover War Memorial Project is run entirely by volunteers, who do all they can to ensure that those we lost from our town are remembered with honour forever.  There are many ways you can help - donate or sponsor, information, shop, or volunteer - or simply spread the word! Scroll down to see how.


All work is done by unpaid volunteers. The only costs are those of running the Project, and much as we'd like to, we can't overcome those! They include items like postage, 'phone calls, access to research resources, stationery, and the expenses of the ever-expanding website. Here are some ways to help:

You can donate by sending a cheque in sterling (the bank makes no charges)

made payable to:
The Dover War Memorial Project

please contact us for the correct postal address in Buckinghamshire to use

You can donate online with PayPal (they take a small commission from your donation for their service)

If you're a company or business, you can sponsor the Project (and of course we'll put your logo and an acknowledgement on the Front (Home) Page)


picture: Town, Port, and Garrison - Dover from the Western Heights

Dover, town, port, garrison, by Simon Chambers

Or, stop us when you see us in Dover, and we'll pass the hat round!

Simon Chambers, by Marilyn Stephenson-Knight Marilyn Stephenson-Knight, by Simon Chambers

For interest, we'll record here the cost of running the Project each month.


Please tell us about any Dovorian you knew who became a casualty of the two world wars, and their families. We seek to remember with honour and love as many as we possibly can, and ensure they are never forgotten. Just one of the aims of the Project, too, is to create the definitive Books of Remembrance for those we so sadly lost from our town. There's more planned, too.

Meanwhile, the Virtual Memorial for Dover is visited from around the world, and many people have already contributed. Movingly too, many have discovered relatives they didn't know they had, and families have been re-united with their lost ones. Do join in. We also have a section on Memories of Dover. What is your story of Dover in war-time?

Please tell us too about memorials in the Municipal and former Rural District of Dover. Many of our casualties are recorded on more than one. The current record is one casualty on six different memorials. Can you beat this? Please help discover more of our memorials - and if you have or can obtain a photograph or transcription, that would be wonderful!


Of course, there are many other ways you can be involved too. We have a lovely group of people who help with the research, and with collecting images of graves, memorials, and plaques - as well, of course, as all the super relatives of casualties we've met, who have become our friends, and who have given so very generously of their time and resources.

From time to time we'll post requests for help - needs include photography, transcription, look-ups, articles, fund-raising, more information .... and of course, you're more than welcome to make suggestions too! Or you might like to help with the "Dover Remembers" scheme, where the last known resting places of our casualties are visited by volunteers. They also take photographs of the grave or the memorial inscription for the website and for relatives. Following on from this is grave adoption - some volunteers have officially adopted graves of Dovorian war casualties, or maintain them at relatives' request, and keep them tidy and clean, often planting or laying flowers on the grave too.


small "We Remember" poster giving the website address, and contact detailsThis site, and the Dover War Memorial Project itself, exists for one reason, and that is to remember forever with honour those from our town who died for us during both World Wars of the 20th century. So please continue to read about them here, and talk about them; who they were and what they did. Please also help us to learn more; if you have any further information about any of our casualties, do let us know.

Spread the word. Please tell others about the website and the Dover War Memorial Project. If we've helped you find out more, do let the local newspapers know. They enjoy success stories (it makes a change from doom and gloom!). Or, if you've a website of your own, please link to us (we will reciprocate). If you have public premises (a shop, hall, archives, etc), please consider displaying a poster which we can supply (A5 size laminated - an example is on the right). Articles about the Project appear regularly in various organs; if you'd like Maggie or one of our other super volunteers to write for your publication, do ask. We're happy to oblige.

One of our correspondents has called the Project a "valuable public service". There are very many more compliments (see some on
this page). So, as the saying goes, if you like what we do, please tell others!

Any questions? Any thoughts or ideas? Do contact us ... here's how.

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